Electric Grill, an Alternative to a Grill Pan and Electric Stove

Grilling is a known way of cooking foods. Homeowners have used it for decades. Additionally, food enthusiasts do it in various ways. However, choosing the right way can be tedious, particularly when you’re a newbie in the grilling culture.

Can I use an electric grill as an alternative to a grill pan and electric stove? Yes, an electric grill can effectively cook foods cooked on grill pans and stovetops. Generally, it’s even easier to cook on an electric grill than on a grill pan. This post discusses different aspects of an electric grill and why it’s a suitable substitute for a grill pan.

Can I grill on an electric grill instead of a grill pan and electric stove? 

You can cook on an electric grill instead of cooking on a grill pan. These are two different kitchen appliances that serve the same purpose, i.e., grilling.

Nevertheless, electric grills share similarities with grill pans. They include:

  • Raised ridges/ grooves on the cooking surfaces
  • Non-stick coating/ material on the cooking surfaces
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile

However, anyone looking for an easier method of grilling should consider electric grills as their alternative.

How is an electric grill different from a grill pan? 

An electric grill uses electricity as a source of power, and it’s designed with a thermostat that helps in heat control while grilling. On the other hand, a grill pan features a similar design to a pan (round or rectangular), only that the cooking surface has raised ridges, thus making it a choice for grilling. Additionally, you have to use a grill pan on the kitchen stovetop, such as an electric stove.

Why is an electric grill the best alternative for grill pans? 

Below are reasons why electric grill suit to be alternatives for grill pans.

  • Easy to use 

Cooking on electric grills is pretty simple compared to cooking on grill pans on an electric stove. It’s a single unit that requires you to place on a countertop, connect to power, preheat it, and cook. Isn’t that simple? On the other hand, if you don’t have a stove, you cannot use a grill pan since they are dependent on each other.

  • Easy to control the temperature

Electric grills feature a temperature control setting (thermostat) that makes it easy to regulate heat while grilling. It means you can easily attain the ideal temperature for that particular food you’re cooking on an electric grill. Also, your food will not be overcooked or undercooked due to low or excess heat while cooking.

Conversely, you cannot effectively control the temperature on grill pans. You’ll have to regulate your electric stove first to attain the required temperature. It can be time-consuming, depending on the material of your grill pan.

  • Versatility 

Electric grills are very compact and lightweight, thus making them portable. Therefore, you can easily use them indoors and outdoors as long as you have a place to connect to power.

Some electric stoves are bulky and primarily designed for kitchen use and not outdoor use. So suppose you want to cook a grill pan outdoors; you’ll have to get another alternative such as a gas stove as your source of heat.

Lastly, it cooks a variety of foods. Basically, anything cooked on a typical grill or a grill pan can be cooked on an electric grill. Some electric grills might also have a larger cooking surface area than grill pans.

  • Even heat distribution 

One thing that might make you consider an electric grill over a grill pan is even heat distribution on the cooking surface. This is because the heating element beneath the cooking surfaces of electric grills is well-positioned to ensure it heats the entire surface evenly.

Conversely, a grill pan on a stovetop might not have an evenly heated cooking surface since the heat of the stoves is concentrated on one area. Therefore, depending on the materials of your grill pan, you might have to take long before the entire pan is well heated to cook.

Final Thought 

Are you looking for an alternative to a grill pan and electric stove? An electric grill is the most suitable choice you ought to consider. It offers better heat distribution, temperatures are easy to control, and it’s versatile. Additionally, electric grills are easier to use than grill pans on an electric stove.