A Nice Experience at Escape Hour

I remember my experience at Escape Hour. First, I thought they were just like any other escape room in Calgary. Boy, I was wrong because they really gave us such a great time. As expected, we were required to put all our personal belongings in the locker room. I was confident they were not going to get lost anyway. The security measures there are pretty tight and I was confident they were always watching the people going to the locker room. Besides, there was a locker assigned to each quest game.

Traffic was pretty bad in Edmonton that I almost did not make it on time. Thankfully I did because I knew they were not going to let latecomers in though. When the game started, there were many twists and turns. It was like we were in a horror/suspense movie. Just when you thought we had everything figured out, we were thrown a curve ball and it is back to square one. I love all the challenges that this game presented to us. It got me looking forward to the other escape games that Escape Hour has. I had the idea of having different teammates for each game so they would also come back with different friends. I love to have my friends experience cool stuff like this.

There were no chase scenes in this exit game. There were a lot of missions with not much time left for each one though. We actually did not want it to be over but we were pressured into completing the game. Of course, I am not going to give out spoilers. I am not going to say if we were able to complete the game or not. What I will reveal is that we encountered a lot of obstacles along the way.

We were not surprised with all the hurdles they put in front of us. Of course, we were not planning on getting the help of their staff but they knew we were having a hard time. They were watching us all the time and we were not progressing. Yes, it is that hard and there is really nothing you can do to prepare for this. The only thing you can do is to make use of the resources you already have. There won’t be much time left once you figure out what you need to do so better break out as fast as you can.