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Woman, 76, drops two dress sizes by drinking shakes and calorie counting

Jeanette Poole, 76, fell ill in 2021, and after starting lots of steroid medication she felt that she had started to put on weight.

Alongside her weight gain, Jeannette also noticed that the condition of her skin had been affected as a side effect.

Both of these factors acted as motivation for the 76-year-old to get back to how she felt before falling ill.

Jeanette decided to start using CollaSlim shakes, fitting them around her normal diet, and within two to three weeks of trying CollaSlim and coming off her medication she was feeling confident that this method would work for her.

Rather than setting an exact weight loss goal, Jeannette just decided to go for it and see what happens, she explained: “I’m doing quite well. I need about another stone off. I’m 5’8 so I’m quite a large lady and quite heavy build, if you know what I mean. So, down to about 13st 7lb is about my weight that I’m comfortable with.

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“It’d be nice if I could lose more, but I would be quite happy if I got this big stone off. You know, it makes a hell of a difference. My health, I can’t explain how much it’s changed. I couldn’t at one point, earlier in the year, walk from one room to another at all without being totally out of breath, and now I can put it down to these shakes.”

Unlike following other more restrictive diets, Jeanette never skips breakfast, and usually opts for a healthy porridge or yoghurt with fruit.

Jeanette currently has her CollaSlim shakes for the other two meals of the day, with Salted Caramel being her favourite flavour, followed by chocolate.

“When I’ve had my lunch time, sometimes it’s seven o’clock at night before I think, oh, I ought to have something to eat. And I haven’t eaten. And that’s me quite happy. No hunger pains or anything,” Jeanette said.

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When Jeanette does eat dinner she opts for simple healthy meals such as fresh fish and vegetables, like peas and carrots. Jeanette still enjoys going for coffee with friends and meals with her granddaughter as an occasional treat.

“I’ve tended to leave things alone, I don’t even go near the biscuits or the chocolate, when I go to the supermarket I go straight there and It doesn’t enter my head to go and look, because I’m satisfied with what I have.”

Being 76 and living with a disability, Jeanette has kept her other lifestyle tweaks to a minimum, but still makes an effort to take her dog for short walks each day to get some fresh air and her step count up.

Since starting her CollaSlim journey, Jeanette is pleased with the progress she is making.

“I thought, oh, I’ve got to do something about this. And when I got on the scales, I was devastated. So I thought, right, that’s it. We’ve got to do something. And I am really pleased with how I’ve got on. Because I have actually lost two stone now!”

At her first weight on July 24 Jeanette had lost an impressive 4lbs, but by September 4 she’d lost an incredible two stone and gone down two dress sizes.

“And a lot of my friends, I haven’t seen them for 12 months and they say ‘Oh my goodness, you look absolutely fantastic’, you know,” adding it feels great that other people are noticing her weight loss.

Jeanette’s top tip for other people trying to lose weight or start their CollaSlim journey is to calorie count.

“Well, as I said before, the product is so tasty, but what I do, and I found it works, I write everything down every day, and have a book with all my food and calories in. I write it all down and add the calories up as I’m going through the day. And I find that helps if I’ve got everything written down, then I’m not thinking, well, what could I have? You know, I look at my book and I know what I’m supposed to be having.”

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