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Personal trainer claims diet tip will ‘100% guarantee weight loss’ – no dieting

Losing weight does not need to be convoluted, and according to a personal trainer, slimmers need only do one thing to drop fat fast.

Tim Burmaster, who has almost 68,000 YouTube subscribers, took to the sharing platform to offer his top weight loss tip.

The expert promised great results – both physically and mentally – but it’s not the easiest undertaking.

According to the personal trainer, weight loss is all about maintaining a healthy diet with plenty of nutritional value – not calorie restricting or spending your life in the gym.

Tim asked his subscribers: “Do you want to know one tip that can 100 percent guarantee weight loss?

“It’s not counting calories or doing three hours of cardio every single day, it’s not doing Keto or Paleo and it’s not taking weight loss meds or supplements.”

The expert claimed that all slimmers have to do is “completely eliminate all processed food”, instead opting for raw ingredients. 

He told dieters that if it comes in a bag, box or container, it has got to go.

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The foods Tim mentioned, namely bread, crackers, pasta and frozen meals, are super popular, quick and easy.

However, the nutritional value in these items are very low and pale in comparison to the health benefits of whole foods.

For effective weight loss, Tim advised going for single ingredients such as meat, fruit and vegetables – although he admitted he is not the biggest vegetable lover.

Ditching processed food could promote weight loss in those who eat it regularly. 

He concluded: “If you do this, expect to lose weight and feel great – just execute and stay consistent.”

Amassing a whopping 18,000 likes, the personal trainer’s tip went down a treat with slimmers.

YouTube user @pfp2944 confirmed that when they made the switch from bottled sweet tea to water he “gained weight real fast” and “felt sluggish” – “returned to water and am now feeling better”.

@eileen561 commented: “ Gratefully you, at such a young age, have got it right!!! People have forgotten what food is!!!”

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