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Jamie Oliver’s ‘speedy’ air fryer tacos are ‘sunshine on a plate’

Jamie Oliver makes delicious looking crispy salmon tacos

The weather is pretty scorching and it’s getting a little too hot for a traditional Sunday roast, so why not try Jamie Oliver’s tasty Crispy salmon tacos this weekend?

It’s the perfect easy – yet nutritious – dinner for those lovely evenings sitting outside with a glass of Pimm’s in hand.

This recipe takes just 20 minutes to make, meaning budding chefs won’t be holed up in the kitchen all afternoon and can enjoy the sunshine.

It feeds two people and is “not too tricky”, so even kitchen newbies can have a go. For those hosting guests this weekend – as this is a real crowd-pleaser – just amend the quantities to make more.

Jamie’s yummy dish requires a frying pan but he also shared how to make his tacos in an air fryer.

The chef said: “Quick, healthy and colourful – this super-speedy dish is sunshine on a plate. 

“The fresh rainbow salsa paired with crispy salmon skin is a total joy. With juicy tomatoes, soft mango, creamy avocado, and zingy lime – you can’t go wrong.”

There are only eight ingredients involved in this delish summer dish, so cooks won’t have to break the bank.

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160 g ripe mixed-colour cherry tomatoes

One  small ripe mango

Half a small ripe avocado

Two spring onions

Two 130 g salmon fillets, skin on, scaled, pin-boned, from sustainable sources

Two heaped teaspoons Cajun seasoning

Four small tortillas

Two limes

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1. Chop the cherry tomatoes into quarters. Destone, peel and roughly chop the mango. Scoop out the avocado and cut into fine slices. Trim and finely slice the spring onions.

2. Carefully cut the skin off the salmon and place it in a non-stick frying pan on a medium-high heat. You want it to crisp up on both sides.

3. Pat the Cajun seasoning all over the salmon fillets, before frying for five minutes. Make sure to turn them to get them golden on each side. Once the skin is crispy, move it to sit on top of the salmon.

4. For 15 seconds only and using tongs, toast the tortillas directly over the flame of your gas hob for 15 seconds. Alternatively, use a hot pan.

5.  Add the mango, avocado and spring onions over the tortillas. Flake over the salmon and finally the crispy skin, making sure to crack it up first.

6. Combine the tomatoes and the juice of one lime in the residual heat of the pan for 30 seconds. Spoon this over the tortillas. Grab some lime wedges to squeeze over and enjoy.

Air fryer method

Place the seasoned salmon fillets in the Air Fryer in a single layer and cook at 200C for seven minutes, or until cooked through. For those who like the sound of extra crispy skin, carefully cut the skin off the salmon and place alongside the fillets to crisp up, turning halfway. Depending on the size of your Air Fryer, you may need to do this separately.

This was tested in a 4.2litre Air Fryer, so results may vary.

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