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I counted every chocolate in Quality Street, Roses, Heroes & Celebrations

Recently, Stephen Hull, head of digital at ITV News, opened a box of Quality Street to count out each individual chocolate to see how many of each variety you get.

There were only four green triangle chocolates as well as only four orange crunch chocolates, but a whopping 11 toffee penny’s in the box.

Stephen’s tweet racked up more than 60,000 likes and sparked a debate amongst his followers, so Express.co.uk decided to do their own version, but take it one step further.

We counted each chocolate from every chocolate tub on the market, including Quality Street, Cadbury’s Roses, Cadbury’s Heroes and Celebrations.

Quality Street

Quality Street has held a special place in the hearts of the public since it was first launched in 1936, and is still made in the very same factory today.

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Fudge – 9

Strawberry Delight – 7

Toffee Finger – 7

Caramel Swirl – 7

Orange Creme – 6

Toffee Penny – 6

Orange Chocolate Crunch – 5

Coconut Eclair – 5

The Purple One – 5

The Green Triangle – 4

Milk Choc Block – 4

There were a whopping nine pink fudge’s in the box, but only four chocolate blocks as well as the iconic Green Triangle. 

Although the mix was slightly more even than other boxes shared online, it was quite disappointing.

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Heroes were introduced in 1999 as a rival to Mars’ Celebrations and contain miniature versions of various Cadbury chocolate bars

There were a total of 57 chocolates in this box, with a mix of all the flavours, but how many of each were there?

Eclairs – 8

Dinky Deckers – 8

Cadbury Dairy Milk – 7

Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel – 7

Creme Egg Twisted – 7

Fudge – 6

Crunchie Bits – 6

Wispa – 6

Twirl – 2

There was definitely a more even mix in the Heroes box although there were still eight Eclairs and Dinky Deckers but only two Twirl sticks, although they are not mini.

Last year, Cadbury said there were supply chain issues so they had “temporarily” substituted the bitesize Twirl chocolates with larger ones.


Roses were introduced into the UK in 1938, stemming from a company called Rose Brothers which technically wrapped sweets and bakery products.

There were a total of 53 chocolates in this box, with a mix of all the flavours, but how many of each were there?

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chunk

Strawberry Dream – 7

Country Fudge – 6

Tangy Orange Creme – 6

Golden Barrel – 6

Hazel in Caramel – 6

Caramel – 5

Hazel Whirl – 5

Signature Truffle – 4

This box of Roses has a slightly more even mix of chocolates, although it was disappointing to see only four Signature Truffles but seven Cadbury Dairy Milk Chunks which can also be found in Heroes.


Made by Mars, Incorporated, Celebrations have been around since 1997, comprising of a mix of their most popular chocolates.

There were a total of 65 chocolates in this box, with a mix of all the iconic flavours, but how many of each were there?

Milkyway – 11

Mars – 11

Snickers – 11

Maltesers Teasers – 7

Galaxy Caramel – 7

Bounty – 7

Galaxy – 6

Twix – 5

This box of chocolates had the most uneven mix out of all of the tested boxes, with a whopping 11 Milkways, Mars and Snickers but only five Twix.

A few years ago, a spokesperson for Nestle said the Quality Street assortment is made up of three different types of sweets, fruit cremes, chocolates and toffees and fudge.

Each tub is then broadly split into thirds along these lines which is why Britons may get more sweets like the Strawberry Delight and fewer Green Triangles.

A spokesperson for Cadbury said there can be some minor deviations in the mix due to manufacturing processes and the most important factor is listening to customers.

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