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Fans discover the meaning of ‘Twix’ chocolate bar name

Chocoholics have been left shocked after learning the name meaning behind one of the world’s most famous chocolate bars, Twix chocolate.

A recently uncovered Twitter thread has uncovered the truth about the caramel shortbread treat after the manufacturer Mars Incorporated revealed what the name ‘Twix’ actually means.

It was often thought that Twix was a combination of the words ‘twin’ and ‘bix’ which is the shorthand for biscuits, which are known as cookies in the US.

It has now been discovered that this is not the case. A tweet from user Fooju has resurfaced in which the user asked the official Twix account in 2018: “I read that ‘Twix’ is short for ‘twin biscuit sticks.’ Can you confirm or deny this?”

Twix explained that the user was “close” to the answer but not quite. They wrote: “It’s short for ‘twin sticks.’”

Chocolate fans have been shocked by the discovery, with one user replying to Twix with a mind-explosion emoji while someone else thanked the company for solving the “mystery.”

Twix is an extremely popular treat but is famously known to have been a major plotline in an episode of Seinfeld after the chocolate bar came from the UK to the US in 1979.

However, Twix is not the original name of this caramel treat, as they used to be called Raiders in Europe before the name was changed in 1991 to match their international brand name.

The chocolate bar has since temporarily come out with a vintage version of itself for nostalgic chocolate lovers. A Raider retro chocolate bar was sold in Germany in 2009 and then again in both Belgium and the Netherlands in 2015.

Twix chocolate is not the only confectionery with a mysterious name, as Mars Incorporated are also the creator of M&M. It was explained this year by Condiment Claire on TikTok what ‘M&M’ stands for, and it all has to do with a “juicy” historic family feud between the chocolate companies Mats and Hershey.

M&M’s were created by Forrest Edward Mars Sr, the son of the founder of Mars Incorporated, Franklin Clarence Mars

Both father and son got into a dispute over how the chocolate company should be run, as Forrest wished to expand the business after seeing how popular chocolate encased in sugar shells was in Europe while fighting in the Spanish Civil War.

However, Frankin wished to keep the company as a chocolate brand only for America, so Forrest reamed up with Bruce Murrie, whose father owned the chocolate rival company, Hershey.

The name M&M stands for Mars and Murrie, and food history lover Claire explained the chocolate “popped off” as it was created just before World War Two.

She explained: “In World War Two [Forrest and Bruce] made a deal with the government that in every soldier’s little [bacpack] there were M&M’s, so that’s the food history of the day.”

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