Matzo Ball Soup

Homemade matzo ball soup for Passover or anytime! Light, clear broth. Fluffy matzo balls. Add chicken meat for a heartier meal.

When it comes to matzo ball soup, the medium-fluffy matzo balls are the real stars of the show. They float in a clear chicken broth with some carrots and celery, but that’s about it!

Passover dinner would not be the same without a bowl of this light, brothy matzo ball soup.

Options for a Heartier Matzo Ball Soup

If you want to make a heartier bowl of soup, you can add chicken meat. Just poach some chicken breasts or tenders in the chicken broth until cooked through, and then shred or cut them into bite-sized pieces before adding the meat back to the soup.

If you’re making your chicken stock from scratch, you could also poach some chicken breasts or thighs along with the bones and add them to your soup before serving.

Once Passover is over and you no longer need to observe the dietary laws of the holiday, think about adding some noodles or kreplach (a.k.a. meat-filled dumplings) for a really deluxe bowl!

Making Your Matzo Balls Float

One last note about making the matzo balls: Dense matzo balls are “sinkers.” They stay on the bottom of the pot. Proper matzo balls (a.k.a. “floaters”) should bob to the surface of the pot while they’re cooking. The matzo balls won’t be fully cooked when they first float – they’ll still need a full 40 minutes of cooking time – but floating matzo balls are a good indication you didn’t mess up your matzo balls!

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