Zongzi Chinese dragon boat festival

The Dragon Boat Festival is a day when Chinese people commemorate Qu Yuan, a great poet in ancient China, by eating zongzi and having dragon boat races.


  1. Glutinous rice 300g reed /bamboo leaves 20 pieces
  2. 30 g sugar
  3. 30 g Chinese date
  4. 15 g raisin
  5. as needed hemp roap


  1. Soak rice in water for at least one night.

  2. In another bowl,soak the dry leaves in water for at least one night.

  3. 3.put the sugar into the rice, stir for a while until it melt.
    4.Fill the rice into the leaves, put a date or several raisins in the center

  4. 5.Fasten with a rope.

  5. 6.Boil in water for about 80mins.about 120g each  Zongzi.

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