Veg besan chila



  1. 1 cup gram flour,1/4suji
  2. 1/2 cup chopped cabbage
  3. 1 tomato chopped
  4. 1 small size chopped onion
  5. Green chilli
  6. leaf Corriender
  7. 1/2 inch Grated Ginger
  8. 1/2 tbs Carom seeds
  9. 1/2 tbs roasted cumin powder
  10. Salt


  1. Take mixing bowl,add gram flour (besan),सूजी,vegies and all masala powder like cumin powder,carom seeds salt,mix together with help of water thick consitensiy,and rest for 5minutes

  2. 5minutes completed mix it again

  3. In nonstick tawa add some oil and spread and pour the beter cook them in low flame both ठाए side ready to serve copliment with green chuteny or tomato sauce

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