The BEST morning juice mix

I was up really early one morning, and we had just had a party the night before. We had two different types of juice in our fridge: Orange, and Grapefruit. We also had raspberries. So I decided to use those ingredients to make the BEST juice mix that is perfect for any morning get-togethers.


  1. About 18 raspberries
  2. 3 cups orange juice
  3. 9 Tablespoons grapefruit juice
  4. 2 cups ice
  5. 1 drink Shaker


  1. Wash all raspberries. Then, break up ALL raspberries and place in the bottom is the drink shaker.

  2. Then add the ice into the drink shaker on top of the raspberries.

  3. Pour the orange juice into the drink shaker with the raspberries and ice.

  4. Add the grapefruit juice into the drink shaker.

  5. Put BOTH lids on (strainer and cap) and then shake everything together.

  6. Pour into cups to serve!!! (If you don’t like much pulp, from the raspberries, then you can just strain it again before serving) Enjoy!!!

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