Sweet n sour turkey wings, ribs and turkey necks & chicken


  1. 1 pkg turkey wings
  2. 1 pkg turkey necks
  3. 1 pkg country style boneless ribs
  4. 1 pkg ofchicken breast (cut into tenders)
  5. 2 jars sweet n sour sauce


  1. Wash and season all meat. I put the turkey necks and wings in the oven first because they take longer to get tender on 350° covered with foil.

  2. After the turkey parts are just about tender i add the ribs & chicken and cover and let cook till tender.

  3. When all the meat is tender. I add the sweet n sour sauce to all the meat and recover with the foil and let cook about 15/ 20 min longer. Serve with whatever sides you want and enjoy

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