Sweet Coconut Balls

Sweet Coconut Balls are used in Bangladesh as a desert/sweet.We call it “Ladoo”/”Naaroo”.It is very delicious. ?


  1. 4 cups Finely chopped coconut
  2. 2 cup Brown sugar
  3. 1 pinch Salt
  4. 1 teaspoon butter


  1. Take a pan put some butter and heat it. Then put the chopped coconut into it with sugar.Fry it slowly in a low flame while sugar remains stikky and lit brown.

  2. Then put out the dough and take them into another bowl.Wait untill it cool 80%.

  3. Then wash your hand properly and take one drop of butter on your palm to make your skin oily so that the balls will become smooth and easy to give the proper shape.Then take some dough from the bowl and shape them as round ball with your hand palm. One ball is ready.

  4. Make another balls by the same process.Spread some grated coconut top of the balls and serve it to your loved ones.Enjoy the Traditional sweet desert of Bangladesh.

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