Smoked potato salad

This was made not long after Easter, something to do with them colored eggs… lol


  1. pieces Red potatoes cut in bite size pieces
  2. to taste Mayo
  3. to taste Mustard
  4. to taste Salt and pepper
  5. Olive oil
  6. Aluminum throwaway pan
  7. Diced celery optional
  8. Diced hard boiled eggs optional
  9. Half a Red onion diced


  1. Cut potatoes and soft boil them to just about done. I used a pressure cooker…

  2. After cooking drain and let cool

  3. Put potatoes in a bowl and drizzle with Olive oil and add the seasoning of choice and to taste, mix lightly, so you don’t break up the potatoes. Mine was over cooked because of the pressure cooker.

  4. Spray aluminum pan with nonstick spray add potatoes and spread them out.

  5. Set up smoker

  6. I use a Electric smoker, place food inside smoker set on high, till it starts to smoke then turn to medium heat… I let this go for 2 hrs and I carefully flipped and moved potatoes around one time and added more wood chip.., this cooking time depends on how you want the potatoes I taste tested them and pulled them out when I liked them.

  7. After they come out of the smoker set aside and let them cool completely before adding any ingredients.

  8. After the potatoes are cooled completely, put in a bowl add in the mayo, mustard, seasoning, celery, eggs, some people also use vinegar or relish, onion. Mix lightly and then refrigerate for a few hrs.

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