Pasta chicken chili with strawberry pie

First recipe


  1. 1/4 chicken
  2. 1/5 can wolf brand chili
  3. 1/4 pasta (tagliatelle)
  4. 1/4 green bellpeper
  5. 1/4 red bellpepper
  6. 2/4 cinnamon
  7. 1/3 pack strawberry
  8. 1 pan sheet /pan


  1. In one pot add hot water and legacy down on the stove to let it boil and when done boiling at pasta and another part add the wolf brand chili and let it simmer until ready to be eaten and while the chili is cooking cut your chicken into different pieces from each section then lyrics your chicken in a pan and let it bake when chicken and chili is done skin the chicken and Lay it in the chilithen when the pasta is done put the pasta inside a big bowl and then have chili, chicken placed on top

  2. Place a pan circle wise and plays down a pan sheet as it placed down make a strawberry filling with cinnamon to where it will fit inside the pie sheet then use the strawberries cut them into small slices and carefully placed them over the feeling when use the other have the cover over the pan sheet then place in the oven for 125 degrees for 15 minutes and take it out cut it into a triangle wise and add whipped cream and and add a slice of strawberry to it

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