My pork stew

I kinda just made up while working. I wanted to make something thing for my client that did not have chicke. So I found chuncked pork stew meat and made up the recipie with what they had.


  1. 1.25 lb pork
  2. 4 cups beef stock
  3. 1 (14.5 can) diced tomatoes
  4. 1 (15 oz) can tomato sauce
  5. 1 (15 oz) can veg-all
  6. 1 (5 oz) cup green beans
  7. to taste Salt
  8. Pepper to taste you
  9. 2 tbsp Butter
  10. 1 tbsp veggie oil
  11. Utensils
  12. Stock pot


  1. Preheat stick pot. Add butter and oil.

  2. Cut meat up. Add to pan. If using it cut up already add to pan when hot. Cook meat about 15 min.

  3. While cooking add stock and sauce together with 4 oz green beans. Set aside

  4. Once meat is cooked add veg-all and diced tomatoes. Stir cook for 5 min.

  5. Add stock mixture and heat up till boiling reduce heat to low to simmer

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