Leftover subs ingredients

What to do with all of that lettuce from any home made subs … make a loaded salad with whatever you have leftover. ( and give it a name, this would be a Italian salad.) I had planned ahead knowing I wasn’t going to use all of my ingredients and I got one cucumber to go into this salad and could also add some hard boiled eggs too. I always try to find something to do with the lettuce, so iam not wasting money and it goes bad, I try and plan out 3 dinner meals ahead of time. Even if I just make b.l.t.’s or a tacos, if I do tacos and have leftovers lettuce I make a poor man salad the next day .


  1. Any leftovers


  1. Not really a recipe, just more ways to use any leftover ingredients.

  2. Money not wasted! No food going bad!

  3. Good sides for any dinner or just for lunch.

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