Lasagna 🍲


  1. Bolognese
  2. 300 Ground beef
  3. 2 table spoon Tomato paste
  4. 500 ml Tomato puree
  5. 3 Bay leaves
  6. 3 cloves Minced garlic
  7. 1 med diced onion
  8. Salt
  9. Pepper
  10. Green herbs (thyme, rosemary)
  11. Planed carrot (1 med)
  12. Bechamel
  13. 50 gr butter
  14. 3 table spoon olive oil
  15. 3 table spoon flour
  16. 750 ml milk
  17. Home made or Instant Lasagna
  18. Cheese all type of cheese πŸ§€


  1. Put olive oil to your pan and add ground beef. Cook until all the pinkness is gone. Med heat

  2. Add onion to ground beef and start to stir and cook them. Med heat

  3. Add tomato paste to your mix when onions and ground beef start to fry (listen frying sound) and then tomate puree med heat

  4. When the sour taste or raw smell is gone for tomato puree add minced garlic med heat

  5. Add your planed carrot and bay leaves to your mix and season with enough amount of salt and freshly ground black pepper. (you can add green herbs as well if you desire) low heat

  6. Stir them until they cook (it will take at least 20 mins with low heat) and also add water at least 200 ml (add more if you like juicy bolognese)

  7. Put butter and olive oil to your pan and add 3 table spoon of flour fry 1 min in med heat

  8. Add little little milk and stir well you can add nutmeg and freshly ground black pepper (or white pepper) then cook until it starts to boil. Wait a little bit and use your bechamel warm not hot!

  9. Put a little bit olive oil and a table spoon of bolognese sauce to your pyrex (glass or porcelain tray) and put a layer of instant or home made lasagne

  10. Add bolognese sauce over a layer of lasagne and bechamel sauce and make 3-4 layer (the ideal for Italian’s 3 layer)

  11. Add desired chese or just bechamel on the top and put preheat oven 180-200 celcius degree for 25 mins(it depends on oven)

  12. Cook until all chese are melted or start to change colour (fried) on edges

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