I Tried 35 Of The Most Popular Dishes At Dave & Busters—These 5 Are A Must

I’ve had more ribs than I can count at chain restaurants, and to be completely honest with you, they lean on the dry side more often than not. Dave & Buster’s ribs were moist, tender, and candied. I took the leftovers home and ate them next to my fridge at 10 p.m. and wanted to weep when they were gone.
Honorable mention: Cantina Nachos. These were one of the few original menu items that stayed during the revamp and there’s a reason for it. The jalapeño white queso andavocado jalapeño ranch has that kick that keeps you coming back for more.
Best Cocktail: Strawberry Watermelon Margarita

Besides this being the most gorgeous drink on the menu (LOOK at those strawberry-infused ice cubes!), it’s packing a boozy punch thanks to the tequila and triple sec. I highly recommend you add a test tube shot of tequila in yours.
Best Entree: Voodoo Pasta

At this point, you’re probably noticing that most of the menu items have some element of spice to them and that holds true for the Voodoo pasta. What’s great about this entree is the combination of creamy and cheesy with the spicy. You’ve got your crispy chicken, cremini mushrooms, and creamy Cajun sauce—but they added Sriracha to the mix to keep your interest.
Best Burger: Beastmode Bacon Burger

I’m not a huge ‘let’s add all the meat to one burger’-kinda gal, but Dave & Buster’s does it right. The Blue Moon BBQ braised pork belly, applewood smoked bacon, and Manchego cheese are the trifecta I was waiting for. I’d recommend sharing this colossus, but I doubt you’ll be willing to once you try it.
Best Dessert: Big Daddy Chocolate Cake

Let’s be honest: This was going to be my favorite simply for the name. There are six layers of warm, molten chocolate cake! Dave & Buster’s tried over 50 chocolate cakes to create this one and the design was a bit of a happy accident. When they attempted to pile all the layers on top of each other, it slid off creating a chocolatey spread instead, and instead of making a drier cake so it could tower, they said ‘screw it, this is what the people want!’. [Ed. note: They in fact, did not say that, but I like to think they thought it.]
Honorable mention: Strawberry Shortcake. Not a chocolate person? You need to try the strawberry shortcake instead. It’s moist yet dense and will remind you of tres leches.

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