I, A Coffee Hater, Tried To Get Myself To Like It By Drinking It Everyday For A Month

The 30 days are now over, and I have stopped drinking coffee on the daily, but here’s what I’ve taken away.
I still don’t like the taste of coffee, but I love the energy burst it gives me. If I’m honest, I do sometimes crave a hazelnut blend with almond milk and sugar, but I think it’s more the process than the flavor. I find myself drinking it for the motivation and the energy it gives me. From that alone, I could see myself becoming a regular drinker.
I don’t love the headaches I get when I don’t drink it. If I skipped a day, a pounding in the back of my head would soon come and just about ruin my day, only to be saved by a cup of coffee.
I loved the routine it added to my morning. Brewing a cup of coffee in the morning allowed me to slow down a bit and feel like I was in one of those Folgers commercials (*cue* The best part of waking up…). The smell was amazing and sent motivational work signals to my brain.
Finding the right coffee and brewing technique for you is imperative. Part of the reason I was so anti-coffee for so long was because I didn’t find a blend, flavor, or routine that worked for me. There are so many fun contraptions to brew your coffee and so many different blends to give different flavors. I am actually excited to try some different flavors and become the coffee-loving typical millennial I was meant to be (pour-over, I’m coming for ya).
Coffee will become a permanent—but not daily—part of my routine. Like most things in this life, it’s all about balance. I don’t want coffee to become something I’m reliant on. But if coffee is what gets you through the day, no shame. I can see myself making it one-to-three times a week. On days when I need a pick-me-up or afternoons I’m craving it, I’ll brew a cup.

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