Crawfish,shrimp and broccoli crab boil


  1. Crawfish 2 bags…washed and dried
  2. Onion powder,garlic powder
  3. Minced Garlic, old bay seasoning,1 can of beer,
  4. Woishuresauce,butter and Cajun seasoning
  5. 2 Reynolds oven bag
  6. Broccoli (frozen) thawed and dried
  7. 2 bags shrimp…thawed and dried


  1. Double oven bag…then add all seafood in the bag

  2. Season food to your liking with the ingredients above…add lots of butter inside the bag then toss and tie bag.

  3. Place bag on a sheet pan or any pan in a 400 0r 375 degree oven….bake for 45 mins then enjoy…….(Ps) sprinkle sheet pan with flour so the pan won’t stick

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