1. Dry yeast
  2. Warm water
  3. Flour
  4. Confectioners sugar
  5. Salt
  6. Butter
  7. Eggs
  8. Vanilla
  9. Chocolate
  10. 1/2-1 Cup Chocolate Ice cream topping or syrup for milk
  11. 1/2-3/4 C dry cocoa ( creativity is fun here, gheradelli,
  12. Swiss, Hershey, or any cocoa)
  13. 1-4 T chocolate instant pudding
  14. Orange Cranberry
  15. Zest of 2 oranges
  16. Dry red pepper flakes
  17. Cranberries dried and soaked
  18. 1/4 C orange juice
  19. 1 pack orange flavor bottle water additive
  20. Walnuts chopped and roasted
  21. Cranberries
  22. To prepare cranberries
  23. Poke a hole using a toothpick into each dried cranberry
  24. Pour enough vodka into a mason jar to cover all berries
  25. Let soak in dry place one or two days
  26. Lemon poppyseed
  27. Zest two lemons
  28. 1/4 C lemon curd
  29. 1/8 C lemon juice
  30. Toasted poppyseed
  31. Lemon liqueur
  32. Rum Raisin
  33. Prepare raisins poking hole with toothpick into each one
  34. Pour rum into Mason jar to cover raisins
  35. Set in cool dry place a day or two
  36. Coconut pineapple
  37. Toast coconut
  38. 1/4 C coconut milk liqueur for Pina colada
  39. 1/4 Cup rum
  40. pieces Fresh pineapple
  41. pieces Dried pineapple


  1. Into small bowl of warm water add the yeast. Stir to activate. Use immediately.

  2. On large board sift one third of the bag of flour adding salt and mixing with very clean hands. Make an indentation into the flour adding confectioners sugar and mix. Add one beaten egg and one beaten egg yolk into an indentation, pour about three tablespoons of milk and slightly cooked melted butter, about one stick. Knead the flour and the wet ingredients into a ball adding flour to prevent any puddling. Knead just to get the ingredients to meld together.

  3. Punch an indentation into the ball of flour mixture and pour in the watery yeast while the water is slightly warm. Push the flour down into the board and keep the yeast water deep in the ball so it is absorbed by the flour. Add flour if there is too much moisture so that the watery yeast doesn’t go to waste.

  4. Push the flour into the board with the heels of your hands, then pull the flour ball from the top where your fingers land over the top, flip the ball and repeat over and over, about thirty times.

  5. Look at the ball of flour, does it have dryness or moisture? If moist powder your board with flour and continue kneading, if dry moisten your roll with a tiny bit of milk. Knead for about fifteen minutes.

  6. Place the roll of dough on a clean cookie sheet with a clean cloth towel under it and cover it with another clean cloth towel. Leave in a normal temperature in a room an hour or three. Check by lifting the towel. When dough rises double the original size you may proceed to the next step.

  7. Add ingredients for flavor of the biscotti and knead dough ten minutes adding flour to the board if necessary. Allow to rise to double.

  8. Knead dough ten minutes. Let rise to double.

  9. Lightly spray cooking spray on cookie sheets.

  10. Cut dough into quarters. Shape each quarter into an oblong loaf nearly the entire length of the cookie sheet. Cover and allow to rise. About an hour.

  11. Preheat the oven to 400° F. Place one cookie sheet per rack in the center of the oven. Bake about twenty minutes. Remove sheet and set to cool. Do not remove loaf from cookie sheet yet.

  12. Using a serrated edged long bread knife slice each loaf on the sharp diagonal cut about one half inch slices. Slice the entire loaf. Remove the slices of bread carefully because they are hot and not fully baked.

  13. Wipe the cookie sheet dry, and spray ever so lightly with cooking spray.

  14. If chocolate:. Powder sheet lightly with dry cocoa powder and sprinkle off all excess by lightly tapping the other side of the cookie sheet. Lay each slice flat on one side on the cookie sheet. Press into the soft dough toasted nuts, berries, toasted coconut, or pieces of candy bar so the topping is in the dough.

  15. If not chocolate: sprinkle lightly flavored white flour on the sprayed cookie sheet and tap all excess off.

  16. Press lemon zest, swirls of lemon pudding, curd, or pieces of candy, nuts, coconut or your choice of ingredients into the soft dough.

  17. If rum Raisin, push extra raisins into the soft dough, add chocolate, candy, or toasted nuts.

  18. Next. Set the oven about 225°

  19. Don’t use a real hot oven.

  20. Place each cookie sheet into the oven one per rack and allow to bake to a toasty light brown about five to twenty minutes, watching very carefully. Remove and turn each piece of biscotti over returning the cookie sheet back into the oven a few minutes until the other side is equally toasted.

  21. As biscotti toasts are brought out to cool, decorate by dipping one of the ends into a frosting or dipping sauce and press into crushed roasted nuts or toasted coconut. Wrap each biscotti into an airtight package with a sealer. Lasts several months.

  22. Note:. Enjoy flavors like buttery garlic, blue cheese, sour cream and Dill, or Parmesan basil instead of sweet flavors. Freeze biscotti that is baked and sliced but not toasted and toast before serving for fresh delicious yuminess.

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