Bacon egg and cheese bagel (or vegetarian)

better than fast food , that’s for sure and cheaper too. My family loves these. I even make them for dinner, with some home fries. Don’t be afraid to double cheese it. I even put a different kind of cheese in the eggs , that’s why I make it the omelette way. You can do any kind of egg… fried egg on this is good too. can make this meat less as well or substitute for sausage pattiesor a thin steak with steak seasoning. ( steak & egg Bagel, sausage and egg bagel .)


  1. Bacon or sausage patties or steak
  2. Eggs
  3. Cheese
  4. Jelly optional


  1. Cook bacon, I use the microwave or whatever meat you choose

  2. Toast bagels, I used a toaster oven

  3. Make an omelette or however you like your eggs

  4. Put it all together add jelly or jam

  5. Notes- this can be a dry sandwich, the jelly helps, or a breakfast sauce. Would like to see what you guys come up with leave me cooksnap, make it your own…

  6. Vegetarian style

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