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Thai Chicken and Vegetable Curry

Sweet potato, red bell pepper, and baby kale make this quick curry hearty and colorful. These vegetables make the meat almost secondary; just 12 ounces will go far here. If you can’t find baby kale, you can use spinach or lacinato kale cut into 1-inch pieces. Use the rest of the can of coconut milk from the satay to enrich the sauce in the curry. To cook the quinoa, simmer 1 cup uncooked quinoa in 2 cups water for 14 minutes or until the liquid is absorbed.

Chickpea and Kale Curry

Embrace the comfort of Indian flavors with a 25-minute curry that also happens to be vegan. This meatless main offers plenty of protein thanks to quinoa and chickpeas, and boasts 40% of your daily fiber goal. Coconut milk lends velvety richness, while a mix of peanut butter and spices give the sauce rich flavor. A flourish of fresh herbs at the end brightens and freshens the dish.

Black Pepper-Curry Chicken Sauté

Black pepper adds a subtle spiciness and enhances your body’s absorption of turmeric in the curry. For the boldest flavor, use 1 teaspoon peppercorns. Serve with roasted cauliflower (as shown) or broccoli for an extra anti-inflammatory boost.

Tofu Curry with Lemongrass and Chile

Vietnamese cuisine is so influenced by our South Asian neighbors, and this Indian-style curry is the perfect example. Tofu is a source of protein, but it’s really a vegetable. This is how we treat it. Meat and tofu can often share a dish for double the umami. You don’t need to press the tofu to drain the water for this recipe; a slow pan-fry achieves the same effect and gets the exterior extra crispy. For a vegetarian dish, swap the fish sauce for reduced-sodium soy sauce or the liquid from soaked dried porcini mushrooms.

Curried Cauliflower Gratin

Serve this hearty side over cooked brown rice for a meatless main dish.

Instant Pot Curried Coconut-Pumpkin Soup

This fall-flavored soup tastes lush and creamy, but has no heavy cream whatsoever. 

Curried Lentil-and-Vegetable Stew

Cooking Indian dishes at home doesn’t have to take hours. Unsalted ketchup is a secret ingredient that adds just the right balance of tomato sweetness and vinegar tang. Serve with lime wedges and toasted naan bread.

Sheet Pan Curried Tofu with Vegetables

This one-pan dinner is the perfect segue to spring. Winter veggies like sweet potato and cauliflower create the perfect plate when accentuated with fresh spring mint.

Thai Poached Cod

Mildly spicy Thai red curry paste adds a deliciously aromatic flavor and a gorgeous pink hue to the coconut milk broth. Cooking the bok choy separately while the cod poaches in the curry keeps it bright green and crisp-tender. Change it up with halibut steaks or even a couple pounds of mussels.

If you can’t find baby bok choy, thinly sliced white or green chard is a great substitute. Serve with a crusty whole-grain baguette or roll to soak up the extra sauce and a crisp glass of Riesling.

Thai Pineapple Shrimp Curry

Green curry paste is the base of the flavorful sauce—look for it in the Asian foods aisle of your supermarket.

Coconut-Curry Tempeh Bowls

Be sure to cook the tempeh until golden brown and crisp to add a nice layer of nutty flavor to this dish.

Curry-Roasted Chicken Thighs

Be sure to rub the paste under the skin to keep it from sticking or burning.

Cauliflower Korma

Korma is a mild, coconut milk–based curry, a great way to introduce more complex and fragrant spices to your cooking. Our plant-forward version is simple to prepare thanks to a few time-savvy supermarket finds,

Creamed Curried Spinach

Curry powder adds warmth and earthiness to this speedy version of creamed spinach. Whole milk yogurt gives the side a luscious mouth feel and plenty of body. Serve with steak or with seared planks of spice-rubbed tofu.

Curried Sweet Potato–Yogurt Dip

Sweet potatoes make a wonderful base for a creamy dip, creating a smooth texture and faintly sweet flavor. Toasting the curry paste in the first step helps to deepen the flavor and is worth the extra couple of minutes.

Thai Curried Squash Soup

For just 250 calories, this soup brings bold flavor from butternut squash, coconut milk, and bright curry paste. Blend in silken tofu for extra creaminess (without actual cream) and filling protein.

Fall Vegetable Curry

Sweet potato and cauliflower are sometimes the forgotten produce of the season, but they’re definitely worthy of a place on your menu. This steamy curry packs a protein punch with hearty chickpeas and gives your palate a surprise with delicate Madras curry powder.

Curry-Poached Cod With Snap Pea Slaw

While a lot of curry paste makes a fantastic marinade, just a little can make a light, fragrant poaching liquid for delicate cod fillets. A crunchy, colorful slaw makes this a refreshing summer main.

Red Curry Shrimp Cakes

These stunning crispy shrimp cakes get a boost of flavor from spicy-sweet red curry paste. Cooking these over medium heat is key to getting the shrimp done without burning the exterior. Serve over fresh Bibb lettuce leaves.

Chicken Curry Stir-fry

Skip takeout (plus loads of sodium and extra calories) and make this healthier, Indian-inspired chicken-and-broccoli stir-fry instead. Coating the chicken with spices before cooking seasons the meat and toasts the spices at the same time. Cook or reheat the brown rice before you start making the stir-fry, and be sure to have all the ingredients prepped and ready near the stove—once you start cooking, the whole meal is ready fast. Serve topped with a dollop of plain yogurt and mango chutney.

Masaman-Style Curry Chicken With Avocado Salad

Inspired by the Thai dish Massaman chicken, this recipe has half the sat fat of typical restaurant renditions. We traded the heavy cream sauce for a velvety avocado salad; serve with a side of brown rice for a fiber boost.

Coconut-Curry Soup With Cauliflower and Tofu

The red curry and coconut milk are perfect complements to each other—fatty and rich with just the right amount of heat. Coconut milk will separate when exposed to high temperatures, so be sure not to let the soup boil. You can find it and curry paste in the international aisle at a well-stocked grocery store. Look for lemongrass (usually in the produce section) that is free of bruises and not brittle.

Thai Coconut Curry Noodle Soup

This satisfyingly steamy, spicy soup is perfect for cold weather. Jalapeño, fresh ginger, and Thai curry paste pack potent pungency that completely revamp turkey. 


Grilled Chicken Curry Flatbreads

Dinner comes together quickly with some smart convenience products. Cooked flatbreads just need a quick turn on the grill pan, a far speedier process than baking pizza dough. And rotisserie chicken is always great to keep on hand for fast, easy meals.

Butternut-Cauliflower-Coconut Curry

A range of textures—crunchy peas, tender vegetables, and silky coconut broth—makes this cool-weather main incredibly satisfying. The chickpea mixture can also be a delicious gluten-free snack: After baking, toss with a little kosher salt, ground cumin, and ground red pepper.

Curried Maple Mustard Meatballs

A tangy-sweet glaze elevates these mini cocktail meatballs, which come together in 30 minutes flat. The deep sweetness of maple syrup balances the zip and bite of Dijon mustard, which plays off the warm spices of curry powder. Serve these little showstoppers as an appetizer, or enjoy them over brown rice with a fresh side salad for an easy weeknight dinner.

Wednesday: Edamame, Okra, and Green Pea Korma

Slowly softening the onion and garlic is key to a silky, creamy blended sauce loaded with 13g of fiber. If you have Madras curry powder, use it for slightly more heat and richer flavor; standard curry powder will also be great.

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