25 Comforting Shepherd's Pie Recipes

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Beef Shepherd’s Pie

This 5-star recipe is worth making from scratch (the mashed potatoes included) but if you have leftovers, feel free to use them here.

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Individual Turkey Shepherd’s Pie

Our version of this rustic British classic transforms it into a quick, easy main for any night of the week. For an all-in-one meal in single servings, you can divide the filling among four 9-ounce ramekins before topping it with the mashed potatoes. Bake on a sheet pan until the filling is bubbly around the edges and the potatoes are lightly browned, about 15 minutes.

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The Best Shepherd’s Pie

We stuck with tradition and made our shepherd’s pie with lamb, but you could easily swap in ground beef. The saucy filling is packed with tender vegetables and the creamy topping is inspired by the Irish potato dish, colcannon, and is filled with cabbage, leeks and cheese.

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Shepherd’s Pie

Instead of beef, opt for flavorful ground lamb. Simmer with crushed tomatoes, add glazed carrots and turnips (along with buttery mashed potatoes) and you’ve got a dish the whole family will enjoy.

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Shepherd’s Pie

This is comfort food at its healthiest. Ellie uses cauliflower, carrots, and mushrooms to boost the fiber, vitamins — and flavor!

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Vegan Shepherd’s Pie

Whether you’re sticking to meatless Mondays or eat plant-based every day, this vegan version of shepherd’s pie will satisfy any cravings for that warming winter classic. It looks just like the meat version and tastes just as good. We streamlined the process (including using frozen peas and carrots and baking the pie in the same skillet used to cook the vegetables) to make the dish as accessible and weeknight friendly as possible.

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Shepherd’s Pie

Warm up during those colder months with a ground beef stew baked under fluffy mashed potatoes. Yum!

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Chicken Shepherd’s Pie

Not a fan of red meat? This chicken version is just as good with its spinach-and-cheese filling.

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Grammy’s Shepherd’s Pie

“The secret to this recipe is searing the meat substitute to develop some caramelized flavor and texture. It also doesn’t hurt that the whole thing is covered in mashed potatoes!”, says Damaris.

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Turkey Shepherd’s Pie for Two

This recipe is great if you have a whole bunch of holiday leftovers. It looks like shepherd’s pie — but tastes like you’re enjoying Thanksgiving dinner all over again.

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Shepherd’s Pie Potato Bowls

Don’t be fooled. These aren’t ordinary twice-baked potatoes: beneath the golden mashed potato top is a rich beef and vegetable filling. And unlike your casserole dish, the potato bowls are also edible.

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Marbled Shepherd’s Pie

This is not your average shepherd’s pie! A turkey filling and not one, but two types of mashed potatoes come together in a beautiful swirl to give this classic dish a fun new twist.

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Shepherd’s Pie

Ree cooks up a homey dish filled with her special beef stew — and topped with horseradish mashed potatoes. A guaranteed crowd-pleaser!

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Shepherd’s Pie

Instead of the classic shepherd’s pie preparation, try serving up individual portions. Everyone will love digging into their own, personal dish of savory goodness.

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Lightened-Up Shepherd’s Pie

Lean ground beef keeps the fat and calories low here. Cauliflower is mashed with the potatoes to keep carbs down, but still results in a creamy mash. Scallions add a pop of fresh flavor to the topping and tomato paste gives the filling a rich depth of flavor.

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My Mother’s Shepherd’s Pie

This recipe is easy to adjust based on what you have: You can substitute ground beef or turkey for the lamb or swap the potato for cauliflower or turnip purée.

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Shepherd’s Pie

This comfort food favorite has everything you need: savory beef, garlicy potatoes, bacon slices, and grated cheese.

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30-Minute Shepherd’s Pie

The name says it all! Rachael cuts down cook and prep time which means that this meal-worthy casserole is never more than a few minutes away.

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Turkey Shepherd’s Pie with Sweet Potato

We like to think of this comforting dish as the perfect marriage of sheperd’s pie and Thanksgiving dinner. It’s gets its holiday twist from turkey, sweet potato and aromatic herbs and spices like sage, thyme and ginger.

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Turkey Shepherd’s Pie

Valerie’s easy shepherd pie only takes about 20 minutes of active cooking, making it the perfect meal when you want to stay in and cozy up with a comforting meal.

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Freezer Fix Shepherd’s Pie

Leftovers in the fridge? Leftovers in the freezer? Use both to create an amazing meal.

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Shepherd’s Pie

A little bit of bacon goes a long way in amping up the salty, savory flavors of this classic dish.

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Beef-and-Lamb Shepherd’s Pie

Double the meat and double the comfort! The beef and lamb combo makes for a delicious flavor and an undeniably hearty dish.

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Spicy Shepherd’s Pie with Chorizo

Despite the mashed potatoes on top, this is not your classic shepherd’s pie! We update the classic with spicy chorizo, poblano chile and spicy pepper Jack cheese.

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Chicken Shepherd’s Pie with Kale Mash

On that kale kick? You can even add the green veggie into this comfort food classic and still taste delicious.

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