11 Perfect Pie Crust Recipes

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Perfect Pie Crust

If you’re intimidated by the thought of homemade pie crust, don’t be! It’s actually a cinch to make. And, if you keep your ingredients well-chilled and avoid over-mixing the dough, it will be easy to work with as you design your pie crust and crimp the edges. Not to mention, it will bake up tender and flaky. There are a lot of tricks for turning out the perfect pie crust but Ina’s is simple: a combination of butter and shortening for the best flavor and texture. (Pro tip: Use leftover pieces of dough to make pie crust cookies, so none of it goes to waste).

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Vodka Pie Dough

We use vodka in this pie dough to make it extra flaky and tender. (Don’t worry, the booze cooks off and leaves no taste behind.)

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The Best Pie Dough for a Lattice Crust

We love this dough for making the lattice crust for many reasons. The combination of shortening and butter makes the dough incredibly easy to work with and forgiving when cutting and weaving. Plus, the added vodka provides tenderness and depth of flavor, making it perfect for a variety of pie fillings.

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Gluten-Free Pie Dough

There are two secrets to great pie crust. One: Work cold. You want cold flours, cold fats and cold water. Be patient in between steps when you have to refrigerate or freeze here. It’s worth the wait. Two: You will see that this recipe is written in ounces for accuracy. You want 9 ounces of combined flours, 6 ounces of fats and 3 ounces of water. It’s a classic 3-2-1 ratio for pie crust, just like the gluten-based ones.

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The Best All-Butter Pie Dough

This all-butter pie dough is extra flaky and tender, thanks to the chilled vodka and our easy folding technique. Stacking the pieces of dough repeatedly takes minor extra effort, and the result is a puff pastry-like texture that is definitely worth it. You’ll want to make this dough for every pie — all year round.

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Vegan Pie Dough

Unrefined virgin or extra-virgin coconut oil gives this pie dough the same flakiness that butter does. Plus, it’s more forgiving to work with: You don’t have to worry about it getting too soft or melting while you’re rolling out your crust.

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Graham Cracker Crust

Why buy a store-bought graham cracker crust when you can make one at home in under 30 minutes — and with just 3 simple ingredients?

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Butter Pie Crust

The key to perfect all-butter pie dough is to keep the ingredients (and dough) from getting too warm. We use well-chilled butter and ice water when we’re mixing up the dough — and give it plenty of rest in the refigerator between steps.

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Perfectly Flaky Pie Crust

Mixing pie crust by hand (without acountertop or handheld mixer) helps keep it tender and flaky since it’s easier to avoid over-mixing.

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All-Butter Easy Pie Dough

This pie crust couldn’t be easier to make. You can weigh your ingredients with a kitchen scale or measure them out with cup and spoons (whatever you prefer) and then simply pulse in the food processor until the dough forms. After a short chill in the refigerator, your homemade dough will be ready to use.

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie Crust

Just when you thought that the classic graham cracker pie crust couldn’t get any more delicious, Katie mixes it up by using chocolate chip cookies instead of graham crackers. She also swaps the regular sugar for dark brown sugar, which gives the crust a rich, slightly caramel flavor.

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