煎牛排: 7成熟 (Classic Pan Fried Steak: Medium-Well Cooked)

Henry Poon


  1. Any Beef Steak
  2. Some Salt
  3. Some Thyme
  4. Some Basil
  5. Olive Oil
  6. Some Garlic Slices (Optional)
  7. Some Black Pepper (Optional)
  8. Some Butter (Optional)


  1. (Maximum 3 minutes) Before pan frying the steak, marinate each side (6 sides) of the steak with thin layer of salt.

  2. Add some olive oil to pan and heat up the pan with high heat. Place the steak to pan when oil is very hot.

  3. Add thyme, basil, garlic slides and butter to the oil to ingest the flavor to the oil

  4. Pan fry each side (6 sides) of the steak until all sides are thoroughly pan-fried (deep brown colour). Add black pepper to each side while cooking the steak to add in the black pepper flavor to the steak.

  5. The steak should be medium-well cooked at this point and can be served to dishes.

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