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The Top 10 Fears Brides Have on Their Wedding Day

Personally, my biggest fear on my wedding day is not getting photos I love.

I’ve always been obsessed with photos. Even before Instagram, I’d be the annoying friend to interrupt a party moment for that group shot, to pause everyone’s dinner to get that food pic or the bossy family member to round everyone up for that annual portrait. But, as much as everyone would complain at the time, they were always grateful once they saw the pictures.

So, that’s my number one fear for a big day such as a wedding. And, yes, there are factors in this that go way beyond my photographer choice. If the weather’s bad, my landscape shots are going to look crap, my hair is not going to behave and my face will probably be squinty and stressed.

But, I’m not in the majority as 77% of women surveyed by confessed to being shit scared of their partner not showing up.

Jeez. I didn’t even think of that.

After that, women were mostly worried about experiencing a wardrobe malfunction or having bad weather on the day. (We do live in Britain, after all.)

Brides’ biggest fears on their wedding day

1.     Being left at the altar – 77%

2.     Wardrobe malfunction/ dress not fitting – 73%

3.     Bad weather – 69%

4.     Drunk guests – 55%

5.     Poor attendance – 43%

6.     Make up or hair malfunction – 36%

7.     Uninvited guests – 31%

8.     Bad photography – 29%

9.     Forgetting vows – 23%

10.  Arguments between guests – 22%

This story originally appeared on Marie Claire UK.

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