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10 Perfect Recipes for New Year's Eve

Cocktail and Mocktail

This tangy variation 
on a classic French 75 does double duty for imbibers 
and abstainers.

Chilled Seafood Spread

Elevate your epic shellfish platter with three easy and addictive sauces:

Green Cocktail Sauce
Guajillo Mayonnaise
Apple-Cucumber Mignonette

Decadent Dinner at Home

There’s no better night than New Year’s Eve to enjoy silky ribbons of fresh pasta 
topped with copious amounts of caviar.

Hangover Helper

Hurting and hungry? This quick soup, with a hearty mix of noodles, chicken, eggs and spicy Sriracha, is just what the doctor ordered.

Healthy Start

Our tasty take on eggs Benedict lets you feel like you’re indulging
without breaking your New Year’s resolutions.

Ultimate Brunch

Forget bagels and lox. This custardy, savory bread pudding with smoked salmon and capers is a surefire crowd-pleaser.

The (Almost) Instant Breakfast Fix

Need. Breakfast. Now. We’ve all been there. Keep this 
homemade furikake seasoning on hand, and your morning 
meal is as simple as slice, drizzle, sprinkle and eat.

Potluck Winner

Heading to a big potluck? You can’t go wrong with this 
hearty pork stew, which is not only deeply satisfying but also promises to bring good fortune in the year ahead.

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