This Shot Dispenser Is Going Viral On TikTok And We Totally See Why

As fun as it is to take shots, it can be kind of a hassle, no? If you’re pouring for more than one person there is inevitable spillage, and someone always gets a little impatient and starts to take theirs on their own. And while that chaos is fun, if you want to step up your shot game, you need this gadget that blew up on TikTok recently.

Shot Glass Dispenser
It’s called the ShotBuddy and here’s how it works: You place your shot glasses under what I can only describe to you as an udder—sorry, but that’s what it is—then you pour your alcohol of choice into the top. Then it dispenses that liquid gold to all the shot glasses below and boom, you have shots for six almost instantly. It even includes a carrier, so you can simply lift it up and bring them over to your friends.
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Unfortunately, the product is from Germany and doesn’t currently ship to America (but if you live somewhere else where it does ship, go crazy! You can buy one here). Luckily though, some Etsy sellers have similar ones up for sale right now that have fewer bells and whistles. You can even buy one with four shot glasses, for those of us who have friends who hate shots. That one is even shiny, so it’s a win-win.
No matter which version you buy, these gadgets are sure to make you the star of your next socially distant party. Start pinning your new favorite mixed shot recipe ASAP.

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