10 Genius Gadgets That Will Change How You Bake

Hey, you! Yeah, you, with the flour-covered apron and uneven pie crusts. It’s time you stock your kitchen with things that make your life just a little bit easier. Trust us: Your life (and your cakes) will never be the same.

1. A pastry measurement mat that’ll help you roll your dough exactly how you want it:

Amazon, $12

2. A 3-tier cooling rack, so you can bake as many cookies as your dessert-loving heart desires:

Amazon, $20


3. This printable kitchen conversion chart to keep thinking to a minimum:

Etsy, $4

4. This 9-piece nesting bowl set that’ll keep everything in the same place:

Amazon, $35

5. A genius oven rack push/pull tool that’ll protect your hands:

Amazon, $6

6. An incredibly detailed Ultimate Baking Tool for the best-looking cakes ever:

Amazon, $35

7. A stainless steel slicer that’ll make layered cakes a cinch:


Amazon, $13


8. A set of two icing scrapers for the insta-worthy cake of your dreams:

Amazon, $7

9. This cupcake corer that proves it’s what’s on the inside that counts:

Amazon, $7

10. A two-sided pie pan for when you just can’t decide:

Amazon, $19

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