Christmas Tree-Flavored Chips Have Invaded British Supermarkets

It’s October. You thought that it was time to talk about pumpkin spice and the flavors of fall? You’re wrong. We’re already past that and moving onto the tastes of Christmas. And if you think that Christmas flavors just means gingerbread, think again.

The same geniuses who recently blessed us with pre-scrambled eggs have finally answered the question that very few have dared to ask: “what does a Christmas Tree taste like?” That’s the inspiration for their new “Luxury Christmas Tree Flavour Salted Hand-Cooked Crisps,” a thing you can buy at the confusingly-named British grocery chain Iceland. The festive chips derive their tree taste from real pine needle oil, which is absolutely a real thing that people want to eat.

Always a good sign when you see a pine tree twig on the front of a bag of chips you’re about to tear into. Yummy!

Worried that Iceland’s idea of holiday season flavors starts and ends with eating a tree? Fret not. In addition to their christmas tree crisps, the chain’s holiday flavors include “pigs in blankets” and “lobster cocktail” flavored crisps/chips as well. I don’t know that naming flavors after the kinds of hors d’oeuvres you’d see passed around at your office holiday party really counts as ‘seasonal’, but for now I’ll allow it.

For a retail price of only £1, the crisps re at least cheap enough to potentially try out, if only so you can say you ate something that tasted like a Christmas tree on purpose. It’s a ridiculous concept, but you have to admit that there’s a real dearth of Christmas-flavored chips on the market. Iceland—a British grocery store whose name still baffles me—deserves some credit for innovating in ways that no one asked for.

So if you’re over in the UK, buy a bag and share them with loved ones while you deck the halls this year. Just be careful to avoid eating any tinsel by accident.

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