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Workout: Target lower belly and shrink thigh fat in 21 days – ‘best weight loss results’

Expert explains why enjoying exercise is important

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Toned legs is a common wish for many so one personal trainer has figured out a workout routine that can help do this and target the lower belly, too. Another bonus is that it can all be done in just 30 minutes per day for 21 days, experts claimed.

And for a person looking to shed a few pounds, this is an easy way to fit exercise into their busy day.

Roberta’s Gym created this new routine to burn calories and extra fat with simple movements a person can easily do at home.

There is no equipment required and going to a gym isn’t necessary.

Roberta said: “Having a shapely body usually starts by working the core and the lower body.

“The excess fat in the belly and legs when burned contribute greatly to a super fit and shapely body.”

She added: “[This] workout video will help you burn unwanted fat in your belly, legs, and thighs to give you the best weight loss and shaping results in just a few short weeks.

“This workout runs for a little over 30-minutes which is an incredibly intensive session that will produce amazing results.”

Follow this 30 minutes workout plan to achieve your weight loss goals.

Rest for 20 seconds between each exercise.

Repeat routine twice.

Cross Jump Jack – 30 seconds

Curtsy Lunge – 45 seconds

Kick Back Left – one minute

Kick Back Right – one minute

Lift Bike Left – one minute

Lift Bike Right – one minute

Oblique Crunches – 40 seconds

Single Leg Bridge Left – one minute

Single Leg Bridge Right – one minute

Leg Hugs – 45 seconds

Leg Pulls – 45 seconds

Reverse Crunch Extension – 55 seconds

Scissor Kicks -25 seconds

V Up – 45 seconds

Back Stretch

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