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Women shares diet that helped her lose 4st ‘I don’t feel deprived’

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Caroline Richardson was a confessed food addict, favouring biscuits, crisps and fatty foods, which caused agonising tummy troubles and put her in danger of developing diabetes. She told how she went from a UK size 20 to a size eight with the help of WW. 

The 51-year-old from York joined WW in June 2020 and explained how she rarely went out with family and friends, because her gut issues meant she needed to be near a loo. Blood tests also showed she was prediabetic.

Caroline said: “ used to start a diet every Monday and by the end of the week, I’d given up and I knew I couldn’t carry on like that. 

“An advert came up for WeightWatchers and I knew that the programme allowed you to eat whatever you like, as long as you count the PersonalPoints.” 

Caroline joined during lockdown as so she was unable to attend WW meetings in person. She added: “I was so nervous, my weight was something I didn’t discuss with anyone. I was too ashamed to ask for help or admit to another person that I needed to take action. 

“What was so lovely, was that during that first meeting, I realised that everybody there was just like me. There was so much support and my confidence grew. The group is like a family to me now.”

Caroline is not alone in her reluctance to discuss her weight. A recent WW survey, found that almost half the UK population (46 percent) think that weight is a taboo subject and only 16 percent would give a friend advice about their weight. 

The reason is, that 42 percent of people think that mentioning somebody else’s weight would offend. 

Women are the most reluctant to discuss their weight with 57 percent shying away from the subject. When they do open up, 43 perecent would rather speak to a medical professional than a family friend or member.

Having found people that didn’t judge her and were fully supportive of her WW journey, Caroline stuck to the plan and lost four-stone, going from 11 stone 8lb to seven stone 8lb, which is ideal for her 4ft 11” frame. She was a size 20 and is now an eight to 10.

Speaking about how her body has changed, Caroline said: “It’s so lovely being able to go into a normal shop to buy clothes. 

“Everything has changed for me. My energy levels have improved, I’m more confident and I have even started exercising – I do something every day. I will go on a massive walk now, which is something I never did before. 

“I am no longer prediabetic either and my stomach issues have improved enormously. I only get the odd grumble now.”

On the WW plan, Caroline swapped takeaways, biscuits and family-sized bags of crisps for regular, healthy meals. 

“I always keep cherry tomatoes in the fridge, so that I can have a handful as a snack if I feel hungry,” she revealed.

“I have discovered foods I love that I never ate before such as bulgar wheat and wholewheat pasta. 

“I don’t feel deprived, because in my daily PersonalPoints allowance, I always budget for a snack and have a hot chocolate and a mini Flake in the evenings. 

“I used to eat a lot of food that wasn’t good for my health and the more I ate, the more I wanted. Now I don’t crave junk food anymore. 

“Before joining WW, my GP had suggested going on statins, but I don’t need them anymore.”

Caroline also has some advice for anyone considering weight loss: “Don’t be afraid. Everyone put me at my ease and it was fun – there was one lady in our virtual workshops who had me crying with laughter. It’s so lovely being amongst people who really understand your struggles with food. I still love my food though and I eat plenty.

“Now I have people telling me that I’m too skinny, but the fact is, I am a healthy weight for me and I haven’t felt this good for years.” 

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