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Woman’s weight loss diet plan for incredible seven stone and 10 dress transformation

A woman who lost seven stone has revealed how she did it after coming through significant hardship.

The mother-of-two, Liz Jones, 39, put on weight after a split with a partner and the death of her father.

She reached a size 26 and was eventually motivated to lose weight after seeing pictures of herself at Disneyland Paris.

The dieter turned to a well-known diet plan to shed weight.

Weight loss diet plan: Mum ate this to lose 10 dress sizes and seven stone

Liz, from Hull, adopted the Slimming World plan after her holiday pictures shocked her into action.

She said: “I went away to Disneyland Paris in 2017 and took pictures whilst we were there, but when I looked back at them after we got home, I was disgusted.”

Slimming World is a UK company focused on helping Britons manage their weight.

It provides followers of the plan with a healthy menu designed to keep them full.

Dieters follow the plan by “counting” foods, however, they can eat as many as they like of “Free Foods” including lean meat, eggs, fish, pasta, potatoes, fruit and vegetables.

Liz revealed she took up the diet plan after working out at home at first.

“Then I started to do a couple of work outs at home, and eventually mustered up the courage to join a local gym,” she said.

“I then started at Slimming World, and through the encouragement of the group and the support of Joanne who runs the group, I’ve got down to a size 14/16, and I aim to get down to a 14 and then maintain.”

Liz is not the only inspiring weight loss story.

Another Reddit user revealed what weight loss diet she followed to lose three stone and shed belly fat. 

Once weighing 11.2 stone, she now weighs a much more petite 8.3 stone.

The dieter revealed she was “obese” before she began dieting.

Lorraine Kelly’s weight loss has also impressed many in recent years. 

The journalist and presenter recently revealed she shrunk down from a size 14 to a size 10.

Lorraine credited this impressive shift to a change in her exercise routine which saw her move more.

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