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Woman ‘too fat’ to ride her horse drops 9st – ‘I feel amazing’

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Abbi Newton, 25, weighed in at 23st 3lb and decided she had to make a change in order to maintain her favourite hobby, horse riding. She shared how she lost weight by adopting a healthy diet and exercise routine, dropping an incredible 9st.

Abbi piled on the pounds in December 2021 when she lost her job, meaning she had a more sedentary lifestyle.

She sadly admitted that after losing her job, she would “just sit there eating”.

In addition to this, she maintained some pretty unhealthy eating habits, getting through a lot of snacks and not enough fruits and veg.

For breakfast the 25-year-old would enjoy a large fry up, before a pastry, portion of chips or a sandwich at lunch.

Dinner would be a Chinese takeaway once a week, and a fish and chip takeaway another day. When Abbi did cook, it would be “large pasta dishes”.

Takeaways are a cause for weight gain in many people, as it’s nearly impossible to track exactly what is going into the food.

Abbi would graze throughout the day on high calorie snacks such as cheese, biscuits, chocolates and pastries.

She explained that her boyfriend Rich worked at Lidl and “would bring back pastries that I’d snack on”.

As she reached her heaviest and “struggled to squeeze into a size 24”, Abbi’s weight was affecting more than her physical appearance.

An avid horse rider, she made the decision to quit the hobby, concerned that she was too heavy for her Warmblood Thoroughbred, May, aged eight.

She admitted: “When I got fat, I stopped riding. I just felt too big for her.”

But without this active hobby, how did Abby shed the weight and lose a whopping 9st?

Instead of horse riding, Abbi opted for regular walking and swimming, cardio exercises that can burn a lot of calories.

Additionally, Abbi ditched the full fry-ups and takeaways in favour of healthy, well balanced home-cooked meals.

Her day-to-day menu is a far cry from what it once was. At breakfast she enjoys grilled bacon and a poached egg.

For lunch she now feasts on a tuna or chicken salad, and dinner is now fish and vegetables or chicken and salad.

As opposed to the calorific pastries she used to gorge, as well as chocolate and biscuits, now Abbi snacks on ham, pepperoni and her favourite – cheese.

After reaching 15 stone in September, Abbi felt confident enough to start riding her beloved horse again.

She revealed: “It’s a passion of mine so I was happy to get back to it.”

Abbi’s weight loss has been both physically and mentally transformative, with her confidence now reaching an all-time high.

She concluded that “I look completely different and feel amazing”, and not only doesn’t mind being in front of the camera but actually enjoys it.

Forced to buy a whole new wardrobe to accommodate her huge weight loss, Abbi ditched the black, frumpy clothes for more flattering branded ones.

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