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Woman scared of dates lost 3st after she cut down on one drink ‘Crazy not to like me now!’

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Weight loss is something many people struggle with, and without the motivation, only a few succeed at it. Vanya, who struggled with her weight since she was little, finally managed to find the courage to start her weight loss journey. How?

Vanya explained: “Through my whole life I felt like I needed to lose weight. Ever since school I’ve been bullied because I was a bit overweight. When it comes to dating, my confidence was also low because I didn’t look a certain way.

“But the change started not when some people wanted me to change but when I wanted to make the changes,” she said.

“My weight loss journey started at the beginning of the first lockdown. I was going through quite a lot of personal issues. It was hard as I lived alone and it can be quite lonely. When lockdown happened, my grandad passed away, I lost my job and I was quite close to losing my home.

“I found myself in a really bad mental place. I has insomnia, I was drinking a lot and eating lots as well. I didn’t feel well at all. I wasn’t happy with myself, with my body… So I decided I needed to make some changes,” she admitted.

“I said to myself: I can not go on anymore like that.

“I think the biggest thing for me that pushed me to change my life was the passing of my grandad and I thought I want to make my best to make him proud of me,” she explained.

“I found on Instagram this lady called Courtney Black and she had the best home workouts ever.

“I had been to the gym before but I never knew what to do. I was kind of lost. So I started following her workouts and I fell in love with training. I quickly started to see some positive changes in my body and I saw that it was helping me mentally a lot too,” Vanya explained.

“As I also had a lot of free time I started cooking healthy recipes but at the same time also enjoying my food because there should be a balance.

“With the food, I was obviously being mindful to include more protein such as chicken, beef, lots of vegetables and lots of fruits in my diet.”

Vanya explained one drink notably helped her drop a few sizes: “I massively cut down on alcohol which I found is something you should avoid because it makes you gain a lot of weight and it also affects your mental health in a bad way.

“I also increased my water intake, I drink two to four litres a day and try to be mindful with chocolates, sweets and carbohydrates,” she added.

“So I didn’t follow a specific diet but I tried to make the right choices when it comes to food, tried to prepare the food at home instead of takeaways and I found that balance I needed.”

Vanya admitted her life has drastically hanged.

“I feel absolutely great now. I’m much stronger now, as a person, not just physically but mentally too.

“I feel much more confident. Everything has changed in my life, from my perception of how I see myself to how other people see me. Going through that weight loss journey was the best thing that has ever happened to me.

“I absolutely love the way I look now. I had never felt the way I feel now. I’m genuinely happy with myself.

“I was so unhappy with my body before that I was quite shy to wear bikinis and this summer, I actually went all out!

“I’m the most confident I have ever been. Going on a date with someone new doesn’t feel scary or daunting anymore, I know that they will be crazy not to like me!

“And if they don’t, that’s ok as I like myself which is the most important thing,” Vanya said.

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