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Woman made ‘radical change’ to lifestyle and shed 3st ‘I feel amazing’

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Nur Kilincer, 32, was “always unhappy” with how her “body looked”. She was “in and out of diets, gaining and losing the whole time” as well as “yoyo dieting” since she was a teenager. But, in a bid to overhaul her body, she told how she lost three stone with the help of Ultimate Performance. 

Before weight loss, Nur weighed 11st (70kg) and wore a dress size large or extra large. After weight loss, she “went down to 51kg” or 8st and now wears a dress size extra small. 

Speaking about why she wanted to lose weight, Nur explained: “My wardrobe was full with clothes with different sizes, anything from small to extra large. I always thought I wanted to be skinny so I could be happy with myself. I would sign up for the gym but I would barely go. I would diet and then binge eat and then feel sorry for myself. 

“Then in 2020, I lost my grandmother and my mother’s health started getting worse. I started finding comfort in food again and started gaining weight. 

“2021 was a really tough year because we knew that my mother was not going to make it. She’d been battling with liver cancer for five years and it was a matter of weeks or months. Nobody knew exactly when, but we knew it was going to happen. And, in October 2021, she passed away and my grief turned into depression,” she added. 

“I was burnt out from work as well. While I was trying to rescue myself from grief, burn out and depression, I decided that in order to get better, I need to change my current situation and mindset. My main motivation was: ‘There are a few things that we can control in this life and one of them is how I move my body and the other one is what I put in my body to eat.’

“So that was my motivation. I decided to start with my outside, on how I present myself to the world, and I thought the transformation inside would follow, and it did.” 

As for how long it took Nur to lose weight, and what exercises she did and the diet she followed, she explained: “It took me around seven months to go down the weight I targeted. 

“My first goal I hit in six months and then I did a bit more. I was doing strength training with my personal trainer three times a week and I would walk at least 10,000 steps every day, with no exceptions. 

“I counted my calories during the day to see how much I consumed, along with my macros. I made sure I got enough protein to keep my muscle mass as well.” 

For Nur, it wasn’t about losing weight from a specific area of her body, it was about changing her mindset from “wanting to be skinny to being strong”. 

“I wanted to change my whole body and look athletic for once in my life. I used to envy women with sculpted shoulders and fit bums, so I did progressive overload weight-training and tracked my progress,” she said. 

Nur also revealed why she chose Ultimate Performance to help her: “I didn’t want to just go to the gym and walk on a treadmill and hope it would somehow work. I wanted to do a radical change, so I wanted to find a trainer, and follow a program that would ensure my success. 

“I heard from a friend who also lost a lot of weight at U.P. so he introduced me to my coach Ben Stew. We had a conversation about my goals and background, my habits and possible outcomes, and I knew I had found what I was looking for. 

“Ultimate Performance’s approach is very holistic and focused on transformation of your physical and mental health.”

In terms of what her biggest challenge was, Nur said: “Consistency is what you need for long-term success; to keep track of social events, resisting cravings and peer pressure. Limiting alcohol when I went out was also a big one.

“But I kept reminding myself ‘why am I doing this?’ and it got easier after the initial couple of weeks because I was also more informed about nutrition as well, and I started seeing my results.” 

As for how Nur feels about being three stone lighter, she commented: “I honestly think this was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Investing in yourself, in your health, is such a crucial thing that everyone needs to think about.

“Physically, I’m leaner and stronger and I’m at my ideal weight that I’ve always dreamt about. And emotionally I feel amazing, I feel healthy, beautiful, and sexy.” 

Nur also shared her proudest achievement: “I’m proud of myself because I was able to pick myself up from rock bottom and turn my depression into something transformative. 

“I’m at my lowest weight since I was a teenager, and I feel so strong both physically and emotionally. I’m proud that I kept going when I thought I could not continue any further. And I know both my mother and grandmother would be proud of me too.”

As for what her advice would be for anyone in a similar position, Nur said: “There’s always light at the end of the tunnel, you just need to keep walking towards the light. Life gets tough, loss is not easy. 

“Setting a goal for my happiness helped me tremendously. We have one life, so you need to think about what will make you at least 10 percent happier and try to achieve that. I thought losing the extra weight would make me happier and I kept on track, I achieved that goal, it made me so happy. 

“And second advice is to get help! Whether a psychologist, a personal trainer – they are experts for a reason. I’m so happy that I did that with U.P. and now I’m in a place that I wouldn’t have dreamt of a year ago.” 

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