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Woman loses huge three stone in a few months

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Katie, 29, lost a huge three stone in just a few weeks after deciding to kick start her weight loss journey. With the help of a weight loss programme, both her physical and mental health improved drastically.

Katie told why she started losing weight, saying: “I have been overweight most of my life and after being told I needed to lose weight for an operation, I knew I needed to start making a change.

“I first met Nathan at one of his classes at a different gym he used to work at.

“His motivation in the classes was something else so I followed him on Instagram.”

Nathan Kennedy is a personal trainer and coach who helped Mark on his health and weight loss journey. He works for Bio-Synergy, as well as runs his own personal business.

Katie continued: “I started my weight loss journey in January 2021 where I slowly started to lose weight but I wasn’t getting the exercise or the nutritional education.

“Nathan would message me with advice and tips on what I was doing, which helped me massively.

“Then in March 2021 I took the leap to join up with Nathan Kennedy Personal Training.

“Since then I have lost three stone.”

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Now, Katie is looking to lose another four to five stone. Her exercise and diet are helping her do so.

She explained: “I have two personal training sessions a month, a nutrition plan, a food tracker and monthly check-ins with Nathan himself, which helps to keep me on track.

“I’m looking to lose another four to five stone before my 30th birthday, which will be in September 2023.

“I’m very lucky Nathan understands my goals and my abilities, he really is a brilliant PT. He has got my goals in mind and pushes me every day to keep going.”

Speaking about Katie’s training, Nathan said: “Katie came to me with a history of starting and quitting various training programs.

“What we did was identify what she wanted to achieve which is change her shape and drop body fat.

“We evaluated her with a Bio-Synergy DNA kit and worked out what free time she had and came up with a programme that fitted with her availability, which was three sessions per week.

“We split her training into resistance training using free weights and machines focusing on a push, pull, legs style of programming.

“We utilised both compound exercises like squats, deadlifts and various pressing movements. Alongside this we added in accessory movements to accommodate the bigger lifts. We finished every workout with a big HIIT blast making sure we got her into the ‘cardio heart rate’ zone and pushed her fitness levels.”

Nathan is a fully qualified personal trainer and fitness expert who has a decade of experience in the fitness industry.

On his website, the personal trainer said: “I’m currently a self employed online coach providing bespoke training programmes, bespoke nutritional programming, lifestyle coaching and can help you achieve various fitness goals online. Whether you want to lose fat, gain muscle or just get fitter I can help you on your journey.

“Fitness should be something that helps you in all areas of life. If you focus on fitness, eat right and exercise correctly, you will reap the benefits. As your online coach, I can inspire you to exercise right and exercise well. Regular exercise is the key to overall health. Passionate about your progress, I thrive on helping clients achieve their fitness goals, nothing means more to me than helping a client reach their fitness goal.”

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