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Weight loss: Woman dropped 12 dress sizes with exercise and blackcurrant superfood

NHS: Better Health users discuss the weight loss plan

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Weight loss is achieved through a calorie deficit which means the body must be burning more energy than it is consuming. It is crucial within the first few months of following a diet plan that a slimmer sticks to it in order to see results which can take a lot of determination. One fitness fan has shared how she managed to drop 12 dress sizes.

According to research, eating a specific type of food supplement which is made from blackcurrants, could help provide a slimmer with more energy to help them exercise for longer at a time.

The experts in New Zealand found that incorporating blackcurrant into a diet can make it easier to exercise for longer without getting tired.

This can help contribute to weight loss as it creates a bigger calorie deficit.

There are also a number of other benefits to exercising and the NHS recommends Britons exercise around one hour per day.

The New Zealand study’s lead author Dr. Suzanne Hurst said: “Identifying foods or dietary supplements that specifically support the desire to exercise daily will enable an individual to adhere to an exercise programme and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.”

Laura Dryden went from a size 24 to a size 12 and lost nine stone by adding CurraNZ into her diet. 

Topping the scales at just over 18 stone, Laura realised she needed to change her diet.

The slimmer runs up to seven days a week and credits CurraNZ with helping her exercise harder for longer, enabling her to lose so much weight.

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She said: “I’ve been using this supplement for years. They have made a dramatic difference to my performance and recovery, I swear by them.

“Before I started taking them, I’d get muscle soreness in my thighs towards the end of a long run.

“But with CurraNZ I can run for longer. Prior to taking the capsules, I would get around six or seven miles in before I started to feel totally shattered and in need of a walking break.

“These days 10 miles can feel like a breeze with no stops for walking and my recovery is great.”

A 2020 study by Liverpool John Moores University found that the supplement boosted blood flow and led to an increase in fat burning in women during exercise. 

The effect of the blackcurrant supplement has also been found to show to reduce fatigue and boost endurance too.

This can help a slimmer who is on a weight loss journey stay motivated when exercising.

The 29-year-old documented her journey on YouTube and Instagram and now weighs just over nine stone.

Laura added: “I’m now able to run for at least two hours at a time before I feel tired and everyday tasks are just so much easier too.

“It definitely isn’t easy. You just have to keep pushing it and keep going until you get where you want to be. If my story sounds like your own, I’d urge you not to give up.”

Another study by the New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research found taking the blackcurrant extract improved muscle recovery and helped participants walk for longer on a treadmill while exercising boosts in mood and motivation.

A slimmer must be in a calorie deficit in order to lose any amount of body fat but this supplement can help aid with improving exercise performance. 

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