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Weight loss: The fat loss treatment that gets rid of lockdown belly fast with no downtime

Belly fat is notoriously harder to get rid of than weight on other areas of the body, but it’s also one of the most important parts to target if you want to be healthier. Excess weight around your middle can impact your long-term health, and with recent reports revealing that obesity is a factor in surviving the coronavirus many Britons are hoping to shape up and ditch the lockdown weight gain. But what can you do if diet and exercise alone isn’t working? 

Both women and men are raving about a new fat loss treatment that is helping them to get rid of stubborn fat – especially around their middle. 

The non-surgical lipo treatment can make a visible difference with just one session, which takes under an hour and requires no downtime. 

The treatment uses radio frequency energy, which generates heat and penetrates the fat layers in order to accelerate the natural fat metabolism process. 

This speeds up the release of liquid fat from your fat cells, which is then naturally absorbed and disposed of through the lymphatic system. 

But the treatment also involves applying an internal and external pressure on the fat layer, with a pulsing effect that stimulates the muscles and causes them to contract. 

This, combined with the machine pressing down on the skin, creates a squeezing effect on the fat cells – helping to get rid of them even faster. 

Susan Vaughan, who is offering the £200 treatment at her clinic SV Aesthetics in London, has had a surge of interest since lockdown eased. 

“Since lockdown I have had an influx of messages from clients claiming to have put on a few extra pounds throughout their months of isolation,” commented Susan. 

“It’s a great feeling to be able to give people their confidence back and get them back on the right track to feeling healthier, slimmer and more toned.”

Susan regularly shares before and after snaps of her clients on her Instagram page to show off the impressive transformations. 

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While there are other treatments that tackle fat with a similar technique, the results are amplified by the way it also helps to tighten and tone the skin as well as sculpting the muscles – so you’re not left with any wobbly bits when you shed the pounds. 

Susan’s clients have been amazed at the results from just a few sessions, with some losing up to five and a half inches around their belly. 

Alexa, a 46-year-old from London, had the treatment on her stomach and back after struggling to lose the weight through diet and exercise alone. 

“I had developed pockets of stubborn fat which I wasn’t able to get rid of through dieting and exercise so I decided to try out a non-surgical treatment,” commented Alexa. 

“Of the many different clinics I found, I decided to go to SV Aesthetics which turned out to be the best decision. Not only was the treatment successful but I found Susan to be very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. She explained everything in detail and answered all my questions. I had a wedding I was getting ready for and Susan was flexible with her schedule to fit in as many sessions as possible before the event.”

Alexa lost over five inches in total after 10 sessions of the treatment, though she noticed the difference right away. 

“The results were great from the very first session. I was able to finally fit into the dress I wanted to wear to the wedding which made me feel amazing,” she said. 

Another client, 47-year-old Andrew from London, showed a dramatic change after just two sessions and carried on the treatment on and off for two years as he was so impressed – but he had to go back after lockdown. 

“I have always struggled to get rid of the fat around my stomach and sides, and what is great about this treatment is we can target those areas specifically,” explained Andrew. 

“As well as inch loss I have noticed a huge difference in my muscle tone – during a 40-minute treatment it is like doing 1000 sit ups.

“Post lockdown I felt I really needed to shift some fat off my stomach. Within weeks I felt I was back to where I wanted to be.”

Clients also love the treatment because the lack of downtime means they can keep up their exercise regime in order to maximise the results. 

Kirsty, a 47-year-old from London, started by having six sessions and now has it every other month. 

The mother-of-three said: “I’m a very healthy 47 year old mum in size 10/12 clothes. I had my last child at 40 and didn’t get my figure back as easily. 

“Diet and exercise helped but when I had my first treatment I was hooked; I couldn’t believe the difference in the skin tone and the inch loss. 

“It’s true to say it works wonders, and with no down time you can carry on with your everyday routine including exercise.”

Meanwhile Diana, a 38-year-old based in London, lost one and a half inches from her tummy after booking in for sessions on her stomach and bum when she saw her friend’s results. 

“My bum and tum area have always been ‘problem’ areas for me and no matter how much training or managing my nutrition I did I could never get the desired results for these two areas. I had a total of six sessions and I noticed results straight away.

“I made sure to continue with my training and manage my nutrition and I feel that the combination of the three really helped speed up the process for me. The treatment itself doesn’t hurt; I also think it’s affordable and worth every penny because it makes you feel great and that’s priceless.” 

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