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Weight loss: Slimmer shed 2st 7lb and carved six pack abs in weeks with diet change

F45 Challenge: Healthy way to lose body fat in eight weeks

Weight loss goals are not easy to achieve with lots of diet and exercise plans available to choose from. Looking to others can be a good way to pick up tips and kick start the weight loss journey.

Kevin Hogan noticed the numbers of the scale gradually start to rise.

While he had signed up for gym memberships in the past, the dieter found it difficult to stay motivated.

After a particularly bad period of unhealthy eating, Kevin decided enough was enough and looked for diet options.

The slimmer lived next to a F45 studio in Brixton and decided to sign up for classes.

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He originally began as a pay as you go member and quickly noticed results.

What diet plan did he use?

As the weight started to fall off, Kevin signed up for the F45 eight week challenge.

The programme promises to help give those hoping to lose weight a kick start.

This included a comprehensive fitness and nutrition programme to be followed for two months.

The diet plan involves eating healthy high protein meals and training regularly.

Most days for Kevin would start with a fasted workout followed by a protein shake.

“The F45 Challenge is a nutrition and training program focused on holistic well-being,” the F45 website states.

“The combination of F45’s style of training and the challenge meal plans are designed to help members transform their lives over the eight week period.”

Kevin followed the diet strictly and gave himself no days off the plan during the eight week period.

He also cut alcohol out of his diet to help speed up results.

The dieter found the programme so useful he signed up to complete another eight weeks straight after.

Since joining Kevin managed to burn belly fat and carve six pack abs.

He slimmed down from 15st 4lb to a healthy 12st 11lb while completing the challenges.

When the programme ended, he managed to stay in shape with regular F45 classes.

Even during the coronavirus lockdown, he would workout at home with virtual F45 classes.

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