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Weight loss: Reddit user shed 4st in one year on a low carb diet – what did she eat?

Weight loss is on the minds of many Britons and slimmers will usually need to overhaul their lifestyles to achieve their goals. Looking to those who have lost weight can be a great way to get inspiration on which diet and exercise plans will work. The Reddit user, “lizabev”, managed to drop 4st 6lb by following a keto diet plan. She followed the low carb and high fat keto diet plan to shape up in less than a year.

I’ve been doing Keto for so long now that it’s become the easiest lifestyle change I’ve ever made.

Reddit user

Posting pictures of her before and after losing weight, the Reddit user mentioned she is 29-years-old and 5ft 5in.

With the starting weight of 15st 10lb, “lizabev” managed to slim down to a much healthier 11st 6lb.

She said: “I’ve been doing Keto for so long now that it’s become the easiest lifestyle change I’ve ever made!

“I’m so proud of myself and I’m so happy to walk passed mirrors now!”

Other Reddit users praised her and one commented: “Great job! You look amazing!!!”

Another said: “Your body must like keto, even your skin looks better.”

What is the keto diet?

The keto, or ketogenic diet, is a high fat plan which is low in carbs and includes foods with a moderate protein content.

Many on the plan will eat less than 25 grams net carbs a day in order for their body to enter the fat burning state called ketosis.

On the plan, slimmers can fill up on foods including meats, fish, eggs, dairy, nuts and non-starchy vegetables.

They must avoid high carb foods including breads, rice, pasta, sugar and sugary fruits.

Another popular diet plan is intermittent fasting, where slimmers will restrict their meals to certain times of the day. 

When following the plan, dieters must still make sure to watch what they are eating in order to create a calorie deficit.

A high protein diet plan can help slimmers stay feeling fuller for longer and promote fat loss.

By eating healthy protein packed foods, dieters are less likely to overeat or opt for unhealthy snacks.

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