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Weight loss: Man looks unrecognisable after getting ripped and dropping over 11 stone

When it comes to losing weight, slimmers will be on the search for the best and most successful weight loss plans. One man lost over 11 stone and transformed his body using a simple diet and fitness plan, he documented his progress online on Reddit.


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The dieter – who goes by the screen name “SinaBigS” – shared before and after pictures of his incredible weight loss transformation, and revealed the dieting secret he used to drop from 17 stone nine pounds – that’s 113.4kg – to a much healthier weight of 10 stone seven pounds (68kg).

After struggling with his weight for most of his life, in 2019, a Reddit user went through a weight loss transformation that left him completely unrecognisable.

He revealed that he “began eating properly and hitting the gym” to get into shape.

“[All my life] I had one goal in mind, to get as jacked as possible,” SinaBigS wrote beside his transformation pictures.

He revealed he used a specific dieting trick to drop the pounds: “I started to use a calorie calculator, and tracked what I ate [at all time].”

Calorie counting is a well-known dieting trick used by many slimmers. To lose weight, and keep it off, a slimmer needs to put their body in a state of calorie deficit.

What is a calorie deficit?

A calorie deficit is when a slimmer burns more calories than they consume.

Anything that they eat or drink is calories consumed. Through normal daily activities, the body will burn calories. However, adding exercise to a daily routine will increase the number of calories burned.

To lose weight and maintain weight loss, there must be a balance between calories in and calories out. Creating a calorie deficit, as mentioned above, is important to losing weight.

By overhauling his unhealthy diet, and incorporating healthy elements into his everyday meals SinaBigS managed to lose enough weight before jumping into the gym: “I [followed] a healthy diet which [was] high in protein, carbs and low in fats, accompanied with veggies.”

“Whichever calculator you use, it will give you a close estimate to how much you need to eat in order to gain or lose weight, the rest is trial and error until you figure out what works for you,” he revealed.

SinaBigS continued: “Everyone’s metabolism is different. All meals included either chicken, beef, fish and eggs accompanied with rice, pasta, bread or any other carb source I had.”


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He added as a tip: “I also used a lot of low sugar ketchup because it makes meals go down easier, especially if you’re not used to your changed diet yet.

“You can do it however you like, I am more comfortable restricting myself rather than doing IIFYM (if it fits your macros) or any other diet.” So what workout plan did he use to get fit?

The Reddit user revealed that he would go to the gym three times a week, but would also incorporate light exercise into his daily routine.

He shared full details of his workout plan with his followers on Reddit.

Day 1: Back and Biceps

Day 2: Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps

Day 3: Leg Day

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