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Weight loss: How to burn stubborn belly fat fast – foods to incorporate into your diet

NHS: Better Health users discuss the weight loss plan

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Losing weight from your stomach can be extremely difficult because it has a higher number of fat cells that don’t respond as easily to the fat breakdown process. However incorporating certain foods into your diet can help achieve your weight loss goals.

Weight loss tends to be associated with strict dieting and intense workout regimes.

However this may not be for everyone and simply by adding in certain foods into your diet may be more suitable.

Fat around the belly occurs when you’re consuming more energy than the body is using and it gets stored as fat.

Ditching sugary processed foods and fizzy drinks is a must when it comes to shifting belly fat.

There are several fruits that can be incorporated into your diet to help you shed the extra pounds.

Bananas contain around 422 milligrams of potassium which is a mineral that can help limit the amount of belly swelling sodium in your body.

According to experts at Healthline, bananas are a great source of fibre.

The website said: “A high fibre intake has been linked to reduced body weight and a number of health benefits.

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Bananas are also a great source of energy and can help you keep fuller for longer, reducing the need for snacking throughout the day.

Low-fat greek yoghurt is also another great food to add to your diet. 

It is rich in calcium and research has linked calcium to lower levels of abdominal fat.

Low-fat yoghurt also contains less calories than full-fat, which will help you lose weight through a calorie deficit. 

According to Healthline, protein may be the most important nutrient for weight loss.

This is because it can help to reduce cravings as well as boosting the metabolism.

Healthline said: “Not only can protein help you lose weight, but it may also help you to avoid regaining weight…Protein may be particularly effective in reducing abdominal fat.”

To increase your intake of protein, try adding eggs, fish, legumes and nuts into your daily calorie intake. 

Meat and dairy products are also packed with protein, helping you to stay fuller for longer.

Exercise is also essential not only for weight loss, but for overall good health. 

The NHS recommends Britons should exercise daily, including 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity a week like walking, riding a bike or dancing.

Dr Michael Mosley, known for sharing his weight loss tips, recently explained how exercising might be key to shifting stubborn belly fat.

He said: “Exercise is key for various reasons. It is amongst the best things you can do for a long and healthy life.  

“While exercise alone will not help you lose the stubborn fat from round your middle, it can be crucial for helping reduce the risk of regaining fats as well as lowering blood sugar levels and improving insulin sensitivity.

“How best to achieve this though? Research has shown the extraordinary impact that ultra-short bursts of HIIT (high intensity interval training) can have. All in just a few minutes. 

“Not only is it effective, but study after study has shown it is much easier to stick to.”

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