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Weight loss: Expert shares top tips on how to cut down on sugar to help lose belly fat

Sugar in excessive amounts can cause weight gain and is a major cause of obesity in the UK. Reducing sugar intake can have positive effects on not only your weight but general health. Experts have shared top tips on how to reduce your sugar intake and reasons why this type of food can cause health problems.


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Almost all foods, beside fresh, contain some sort of added sugar.

The amount of added sugar can really add up in your daily calorie intake if you are unaware of how much you are consuming.

The NHS states that added sugars like table sugar and honey shouldn’t make up more than five per cent of the energy you get from food and drink each day.

It is recommended sticking to around 30g a day for anyone ages 11 or older. 

There are lots of different ways added sugar can be listed on ingredients labels and they should be looked for when looking to lose weight.

Numerous studies have indicated that excess sugar, mostly due to the large amounts of fructose, can lead to fat building up around the abdomen and liver.

When you eat lots of added sugar, the liver gets overloaded with fructose and is forced to turn it into fat.

Cutting down on sugar in your diet can be extremely hard but brands have now bought out sugar alternatives that can make great alternatives to maple syrup and money and can be used in baking.

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Yacon Syrup adds natural sweetness to foods and is ideal to satisfy the sweet tooth.

Chocolate is said to be one of the biggest draw-backs when it comes to weight gain and has even been labelled as being addictive.

Sugar activates the brain’s reward system and makes the body want to eat more.

Chocolate alternatives like Yacon’s Cacao Nibs will not only satisfy the craving for chocolate but are packed with antioxidants as well as providing a natural boost of energy.


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Other sugar substitutes include agave nectar as well as honey but both should be consumed in moderation.

The key to weight loss is putting your body into a calorie deficit which means you are burning more calories than you are consuming.

This means that cutting out sugary drinks is one of the most effective ways of cutting down your sugar intake and drinking hot drinks without sweetener or sugar can be the first step to your weight loss journey.

Also sugary juices like apple and orange juice contain a lot of sugar and are highly processed so may not be as fresh and healthy as you think, it is advised to always check the labels or even make your own if you can.

Cutting sugar is essential in putting your body into a calorie deficit as most of the time people do not realise how much added sugar contains.

However, it is also recommended to have a balanced diet and to not strip your diet completely of the foods you like but this should be done in moderation.

For maximum weight loss results when cutting down on sugar it is also essential to incorporate exercise into your daily routine to help burn more calories.

Cutting out sugar can be hard at first but the NHS says after a few weeks your body should become used to it and eating fresh foods including fruit and vegetables is the key to a healthy balanced diet.

While fruits do contain a lot of sugar, these are natural ones and so should not be worried about when it comes to eating healthy fresh foods.

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