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Weight loss: Eating at this time can help burn belly fat fast – full diet plan

No matter what the reason for losing weight, knowing where to start can be a challenge. Restricting calories through intermittent fasting can help burn belly fat, according to an expert. Stocking up on food high in protein will also help get results.


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Intermittent fasting

While it can be tempting to drastically cut out food groups, changing the time that you eat can be a trick for weight loss, according to Link Nutrition nutritionist Libby Limon.

On the plan, dieters focus more on when they eat rather than what is on their plate, helping to cut back on overall calorie intake.

Libby said: “Losing weight is ultimately about calories in versus calories burned and you’ll need to reduce your calories or increase your exercise as needed.

“There are, however, strategies that can shift the body to do this more effectively.

“For example, intermittent fasting diets such as the 16:8. This is where you eat in an eight hour window – usually 11/12pm to 7/8pm – and fast the rest of the time with only herbal or black tea and coffee.”

Following the plan can be a great way to think about what is being eaten and avoiding excessive snacking.

“This means it is easier to control your calorie intake in the ‘eating window’,” Libby explained, “and the fasting also makes the body more effective at burning fat stores.

“It isn’t suitable for everyone though, if you have any blood sugar issues you should avoid, equally if you have any illness diagnosed or are pregnant it is not recommended.”

Eat more protein

While the diet focuses on when to eat, really looking at the foods on the plate can speed up results.

Opting for high protein meals such as meats, fish, dairy, eggs, beans and legumes will leave dieters feeling fuller for longer.


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The expert added: “Make sure you have protein at every meal. Protein is slower for the body to digest, so it has the general effect of making you feel fuller for longer.

“Try to incorporate plant-based protein as well as meat, fish and dairy.

“Beans, peas, pulses, tofu and high protein grains such as buckwheat and quinoa can really help in terms of creating a healthy diet that will promote a healthy weight.”

Eat more vegetables

It may sound obvious but doing this will help slimmers feel full without consuming excess calories.

Libby continued: “Often when people want to lose weight they focus on reducing the quantity of food on their plate.

“Whilst portion size is important, it is also crucial to fill yourself up but on the right foods.

“Vegetables in particular are high in nutrients, water and fibre but low in calories.

“Building up your plate with these whilst reducing calorie dense foods means that you will still feel full and will help prevent cravings.”

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