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Weight loss: Dr Michael Mosley’s diet helped woman lose 3st in 12 weeks ‘It’s incredible!’

Dr Michael Mosley on the benefits of exercise

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Sue Barnard told how she had been “overweight and sometimes obese, for most of the past 30 years”. Having tried a “couple of the well-known weight loss programmes” she struggled to sustain the weight loss and was often left confused by the science behind the eating plans. Determined and interested in achieving permanent weight loss and, more importantly, a healthy body, Sue turned to The Fast 800 programme, created by Dr Michael Mosely and lost nearly three stone in 12 weeks.

Speaking about her health and lifestyle prior to weight loss, Sue explained: “I have arthritis and the excess weight was having a real physical impact on my mobility. 

“I have worked since I was 15 years old and retired at the end of May 2020.

“I contracted the COVID-19 virus at the end of March, and as a result, I lost a stone in a week. I then spent the following months putting that weight back on and more.”

She continued: “Like many other overweight people, I was eating, gaining weight and feeling ever more dissatisfied and despondent.

“I simply couldn’t understand the constant grazing that I was doing every evening despite feeling so uncomfortable – I simply felt out of control.

“I watched the Dr Michael Mosely mini-series on TV ‘Lose a stone in 21 days‘ and embarked on the Fast 800 plan. 

“It made such sense to me that I decided to start the weight loss journey from January 1, 2020 – not a New Year Resolution but a great date to start a new way of life. At this point I weighed in at 14st 5lbs.” 

Sue went onto discuss how she implement the Fast 800 plan into her daily routine: “My husband is very supportive and he let me take over the cooking (he’d always cooked in the past) and he joined me in giving up alcohol for the initial ‘Very Fast 800’ stage of the programme in the first 12 weeks.

“I planned our meals from the excellent recipes from the Fast 800 website. 

“For me, planning is the absolute key to success. I set goals for myself and thought about the benefits of being healthy and slimmer. 

“I bought a weight loss tracker and have it on display in my living room as a constant reminder of what I’m working towards.

“It was incredible to me that I literally went from eating constantly throughout the evening to  not having a single snack after dinner. 

“After the first few days, I didn’t need to go to bed early to prevent a sneaky trip to the fridge for chocolate. The cravings simply melted away,” she remarked. 

While reduced cravings was one benefit Sue experienced, another was her reflux clearing. 

“I used to buy Gaviscon in bulk and I’d regularly take four to six tablets a day,” she said. “I haven’t needed to take any at all after the first couple of weeks.”

Sue completed the initial 12 weeks of the programme and the results were impressive.

“Having lost two stone 6.5lbs and then I switched to ‘new 5:2’ way of the programme,” she revealed. “The transition, although initially scary, is going really well. I’ve lost a further 3.5lbs in two weeks. 

“Today I weigh 11st 9lbs and my goal is 10st 7lbs which I know I will reach in the coming weeks.”

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And how has her life changed since the weight loss?

“Since losing weight, I can now go for a walk without my knees aching and swelling up,” she said. “I can climb the stairs without dragging myself up by my arms to avoid pressure of my arthritic knees. My arthritis hasn’t gone but the impact of weight loss has certainly reduced the symptoms hugely.”

But it wasn’t an easy process, Sue spoke about the challenges she faced. 

“There were days on the ‘Way of Life’ stage of the programme that my weight actually went  up,” she commented. “It was a little hard to process that I was following the plan and doing everything right but not losing weight. 

“A couple of things helped me through this. Firstly, I was still losing inches from my waist. My waist reappeared and my bloated stomach was reducing consistently. My jeggings looked two sizes too big and I was much more mobile than before I started. 

“Secondly, I re-read sections of the Fast 800 book to remind myself why I had chosen this way of life and it gave me confidence to trust the science, trust my body and tweak my meal planning and water consumption. It works.” 

Sue’s top tips for success

– Read the Fast800 book so that you understand the science and the building blocks of this new ‘Way of Life’.

Plan, plan and plan some more. It’s actually great fun deciding which meals to cook and how to tweak and mix and match foods. It’s also much easier to shop if you know what ingredients you need for the week. It’s helped me reduce food wastage. This is where the online plan comes into its own. You get meals planned for your and even a shopping list – it couldn’t be easier.

– Remember why you want this. Strangely, writing down your reasons for wanting to lose weight and re-reading regularly is hugely helpful at keeping you on track. 

Celebrate your successes. Losses on the scales are great but recognise all the other benefits to your weight loss. I’ve experienced extra energy, less discomfort, increased confidence, smaller size clothes, cheaper grocery bills and a wider variety of meals to enjoy. There are so many positives. 

– Batch cook. I like to plan meals that I can cook and then dip into on another occasion. I don’t have freezer space so I often cook four portions and save two in the fridge and serve with different veg the next day.

– Finally, get your family on board. You don’t want chocolate and fizzy drinks lying around the kitchen anymore. Ask for your family’s support and explain your reasons for wanting to lose weight. My family have been much more supportive than I thought.

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About The Fast 800

Rapid weight loss is not suitable for everyone and on The Fast 800, we recommend you only do it if you are significantly overweight, or obese, and only for up to 12 weeks.

However, The Fast 800 online programme is not just for those with an unhealthy BMI. There are other,  more flexible approaches, that are suitable for those looking to improve their overall health. 

Anyone considering The Fast 800, it is recommended that you consult your usual healthcare professional before making any significant changes to your diet or exercise regime.

Founded and developed by a group of qualified doctors and health professionals, the whole philosophy of The Fast 800 online programme is based upon scientific evidence.

A 12-week programme – do-able in your own home – on costs £99 and includes:

Gut-friendly, foods to support your immune system, calorie-counted and based on Med-style food

An online personal assessment to determine the right level of fasting for you

A flexible meal planner and automated shopping lists to keep your plan simple

More than 300 easy-to-make and taste great recipes

Loads and loads of support on how to adapt your routine, especially at a time of COVID-19

Guided exercise programmes you can do at home, and without equipment

Online support from our team of Health Coaches, on hand for advice, support and motivation

A lively and inspirational cohort of members united by the goal to improve their health

Weekly educational articles and videos, so that you are empowered to make these changes for life

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