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Weight loss diet: One drink can help burn fat fast – how much should you have?

Weight loss can be achieved by following a healthy diet plan and exercising regularly. Sipping on apple cider vinegar could be a simple way to burn fat more quickly. How much should you have?


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Apple cider vinegar is an acidic fermented drink that has been shown to burn fat in the body.

It is thought to have a number of benefits for those trying to lose weight, Lisa Borg, nutritionist, explained.

She told “Apple cider vinegar can help a weight loss regime due to its diuretic actions that assist the elimination of excess fluids.

“It’s cleansing effects on the liver can improve the metabolism and thereby encourage the breakdown of excess fat.”

In one small study published on US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, the drink helped dieters eat fewer calories.

Participants drank apple cider vinegar with a high-carb meal and ended up consuming 200 to 275 fewer calories that day.

How much should you have?

Another review of 144 obese adults showed having vinegar each day for 12 weeks would help weight loss.

Those who had one tablespoon a day dropped 2.6 pounds and saw their body fat percentage decrease by 0.7 percent.

Participants who had two tablespoons a day lost 3.7 pounds and reduced their body fat percentage by 0.9 percent.

The expert revealed having just one tablespoon a day could be enough to give results.

She added: “I recommend taking one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed into a full glass of water.

“You should sip this mixture throughout the first half of your meal.”


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How should you take it?

Dieters can take apple cider vinegar as a drink by mixing a tablespoon with water.

It can also be mixed into a salad dressing or the condiment could even be taken straight.

As well as taking the drink, dieters can get good results combining it with a low carb and high protein diet.

Lisa added: “Choose a short term high protein and low carb diet initially to switch from anabolic (gain) to catabolic (breaking down) metabolism.

“I’d suggest one to three weeks depending on how much you need to lose.

“Then move slowly to introducing wholegrain carbs with one meal daily. All other carbs should be vegetables origin.”

She also explained those hoping to lose weight should avoid processed foods in a bid to slim down.

“Avoid processed foods, anything made with white flour, snacking and overeating,” Lisa added.

“Look at your normal size meal and remove a quarter of each ingredient before sitting at the table.”

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