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Weight loss diet: Cutting out this one food can help you burn belly fat fast

Most people like to drink hot drinks throughout the day. Swapping your regular tea for a green tea could help with weight loss.


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Drinking green tea can help with weight loss.

It can also specifically target belly fat.

Three cups of green tea a day increase your metabolism by 30 calories, according to a study in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.

The compound ECGC, found in the tea, also helps with weight loss.

ECGC is also known as Epigallocatechin gallate, and it is a plant compound.

It has many health benefits, including limiting the damage done by free radicals.

However, many are interested in the compound for its weight loss benefits.

Long term observational research found drinking two cups of green tea a day is linked to lower body fat.

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Adding certain vegetables to your diet can also help shed belly fat.

Colourful veg like red peppers, and vitamin c fruits like oranges, have been found to help, too.

A study from the Arizona State University at Mesa claimed eating these foods can help burn more calories in exercise – up to 30 percent.

Red peppers can be delicious is salads or stuffed and roasted.


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Insiders have revealed Kate Middleton’s flat stomach secret.

The Duchess of Cambridge is known for her lithe figure, which many put down to exercise.

There is one exercise in particular that has been thought to help.

Running, one of Kate’s university passions, is said to be the key to a flat stomach.

Any high intensity cardio, which burns lots of calories, will help towards a flat stomach.

Running is one of the best exercises to burn lots of calories.

The Daily Mail quote an insider who said Kate runs as often as possible “sometimes with Charlotte in her buggy and their dog Lupo at her side.”

Kate is also a fan of tennis, which burns lots of calories too.

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